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Father's Day Cake

Ah, it’s finally that day of the year again -- a special day to honour the man that has influenced the mould of our lives greatly. It’s Father’s Day! Did you know that a father by the name of A. A. Milne created Winnie the Pooh for his son Christopher Robbin, which was based on his favourite teddy bear? Talk about pure love here! So, this Father’s Day, why not take this golden opportunity to appreciate the effort our fathers have put into just for us -- with something to sweeten up the occasion. Maybe some brownies or a slice or two of a burnt cheesecake would suit his tastes~ Even though Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates all across the globe, we all share the same anticipation for the special occasion to truly let our feelings out and show dad that he means the world to us. 

Earlier this year, we have been hit by an unfortunate event that affected millions of lives around the world -- Covid-19. While the situation may be improving, please think about the well-being of both your family and yourself. Keep it simple and celebrate indoors. Maybe you could kick back, relax, and have a tabletop party with dad and the family. We know it doesn’t sound as exciting as having an outing or a picnic, but with the cake selections from us at Eat Cake Today, any dull situation can be turned into a magical one! So magical, a unicorn might just pop out of this special recipe of a cake! Ranging from the thick, and earthy sensation of brownies to the crispier yet gooey burnt cheesecakes, there is bound to be something for you! There’s no need to google search for a “Bakery Near Me” because we’ve come up with cakes that might fit your father’s personality to add more kick to it~ All you have to do is to just check out our top picks, just for you! 


Father's Day Cake
  • PaPa Cake 
  • Old-school and rocking the retro style -- if that’s him he’s going to fall in love with this PaPa Cake! Drive this chocolate brownies vintage auto cake, powered by classic Satongo 72%  chocolate gasoline into your mouth and feel the thick, gooey fudge accompanied by a touch of airy vanilla chantilly. He’s bound to go nuts over it! And what’s nuttier is the fact that this specific cake can only be found on our website! Take it as a way for us to treat you to our very own super special recipe for choosing us as your cake dealer~ 

    Father's Day Cake
  • PaPa Jelly Cake 
  • For the hard workers out there, keeping the family happy and comfy, this PaPa Jelly Cake is made just for you! A fresh, light take on the classic pandan taste with a heartwarming display of an amazing father and a wish, all in the form of a jelly cake~ There’s no special recipe used in this cake -- just pure love! 

    Father's Day Cake
  • Father’s Day Jelly Cake 
  • A perfect all-rounder for all the dads to enjoy! It’s colourful, cute, and adorably suited up for the occasion. The light, grassy taste of the freshly imported green seaweed from Japan is the specialty when it comes to the recipe of this cake

    Father's Day Cake
  • Valrhona Moist Chocolate Cake 
  • A simple man that’s straightforward in anything he does (with charm). That’s how your father is. And to honour him, we have a cake that suits him just right -- the Valrhona Moist Chocolate Cake~ It may be clean and basic on the outside, but nothing is basic about its rich fudginess, topped with milky yet bitter-sweet dark chocolate ganache. 

    Father's Day Cake
  • Superheroes Unite Cake 
  • If Daddy is the Superman of your heart, take this chance to remind him who he truly is with this Superheroes Unite Cake! Introduce him to the league of superheroes that stand atop a dramatic moist chocolate cake body (or butter, if you prefer), in a heroic mist of piped blue-white buttercream. The clean and slick buttercream frosting brings out the epicness of these superpowered crusaders of justice! 

    Father's Day Cake
  • Cempedak Burnt Cheesecake 
  • Buah cempedak di luar pagar. Ambil galah tolong jolokkan~ But you don’t need a galah to poke this Cempedak Burnt Cheesecake! Burnt on the outside for the initial crispy munch into a body of gooey, milky goodness -- doubled! Perfect for those who love the creamy texture of the fruit and can’t get enough of well-made cheese! Who knew cheesecake could be this creamy~ 

    Father's Day Cake
  • Belgian Noir Chocolate Cake
  • Your father may be a big fan of old noir movies, but it doesn’t take a detective to know that he’ll love this Belgian Noir Chocolate Cake! Slick and smart like his favourite detective, it’s dangerously loaded too! But not with a pistol -- instead, it’ll shoot right at your senses with its 71% cocoa powder, perfect to down those sketchy cravings~ 

    If you’re looking for that sweet touch to your Father’s Day celebration, there’s no need to consult google for a “Bakery near me” anymore. We’re here to serve you, our lovely patrons. He works hard, he plays hard, and he loves you with all his heart. What better opportunity to say “I love you dad” than now~ :)

    These are only a taste of a myriad of possibilities for you to throw the best Father’s Day celebration for your Superdad! You can check out the entire special range for the special day here: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/fathers-day-collections 

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