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Treats Of Art For Mum

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Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it's the perfect opportunity for a once-a-year cheat day for the family. Feast your eyes on these amazing artisanal cakes, themed for the joyous occasion of celebrating our mums.

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Eat Cake Today 欢庆母亲节 推出系列精美手工蛋糕

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在即将来临的母亲节,有什么比得上 Eat Cake Today 精美又可口的蛋糕,更能为你传情达意呢?

为了这特别的日子,网络蛋糕店 Eat Cake Today 特为母亲节推出一系列香甜又精美可口的手工精制主题蛋糕和甜点,包括紫玫瑰果冻蛋糕,巧克力红丝绒蛋糕,经典香草杯子蛋糕,玫瑰蛋糕,亮面荔枝果冻蛋糕等。。。

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母亲节即将来临,这也是我们向挚爱的母亲聊表爱意和感激之情的最佳时刻。如此意义重大的节日,当然少不了蛋糕庆祝啦~不如给母亲送上一款精美又可口的蛋糕,传达你的满满心意,还能解决母亲节送礼问题呢! Eat Cake Today特为母亲节推出一系列香甜又精美可口的手工精制主题蛋糕和甜点,其中包括各款蛋糕、蛋挞、布朗尼蛋糕和杯子蛋糕等。

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Pesan Kek Atas Talian Di 'Eat Cake Today'

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Berita baik untuk penggemar kek! Kini anda boleh mendapatkan perkhidmatan 'Eat Cake Today' portal pesanan & penghantaran kek pertama dalam talian di Malaysia yang menghimpunkan ramai pengusaha kecil-kecilan dan pembuat kek dari rumah yang berbakat serta restoran dan kedai bakeri, untuk membuat dan menghantar kek kegemaran dengan petikan jari anda.  Keunikan Eat Cake Today ialah kesediaannya mengaturkan penghantaran pada hari yang sama, dengan menjanjikan penghantaran segara dalam masa 4 jam. Pemilihan kek di taman web dikategorikan mengikut jenis kek dan keperluan masa pemprosesan dan penghantaran minimum, seperti pilihan empat jam, satu hari, dua hari dan juga tiga hari. Harga kek...

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★ Customer Reviews ★

Real Customer Feedback

3498 reviews
Size shrunken

I bought this cake last year and I remember it to be bigger and taller. The black bday deco paled the beauty of the cake. It should be gold like in the picture. Taste wise is OK. For Rm185, I guess I expected more.

DO NOT order this cake if you want it personalised

To my surprise, the cake does not come with the happy birthday tag or small card or some kind of personalisation. It was ordered as a birthday cake. it came with a big card without so much as a card holder. So the birthday cake now looks like some tesco store bought cake without any thought to it. There is an order column that says message on card, which is alright, if the card is a small one that can be stuck on the cake. I know that some cakes have fancy topping so writing on it is not possible. But to receive a big card and a blank cake is a bit over. I think I'm just gonna eat the card now. Too speechless!

Hi Celine, thank you for your informative feedback. As mentioned in the product description, the happy birthday tag is only provided upon request. Based on our live chat with you, we have record of you requesting us to write the message on the card, which our baker has done it as per your request. But we are not being informed that you want to get the birthday tag. The reason why our baker do not write message on the cake is because of the surface of the cake. We hope this clarifies!
Yummy but tad too sweet

Would have loved little more of the vanilla sponge cake. But that’s a personal preference. It was well liked by other guests

Delicious but prefer chocolate flavour

Tried this cake chocolate flavour before, this time order this flavour, overall still very delicious but prefer chocolate flavour most

Burnt cheese cake

Moist enough and tasty! Delivery was on time!