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Pesan Kek Atas Talian Di 'Eat Cake Today'

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Berita baik untuk penggemar kek! Kini anda boleh mendapatkan perkhidmatan 'Eat Cake Today' portal pesanan & penghantaran kek pertama dalam talian di Malaysia yang menghimpunkan ramai pengusaha kecil-kecilan dan pembuat kek dari rumah yang berbakat serta restoran dan kedai bakeri, untuk membuat dan menghantar kek kegemaran dengan petikan jari anda.  Keunikan Eat Cake Today ialah kesediaannya mengaturkan penghantaran pada hari yang sama, dengan menjanjikan penghantaran segara dalam masa 4 jam. Pemilihan kek di taman web dikategorikan mengikut jenis kek dan keperluan masa pemprosesan dan penghantaran minimum, seperti pilihan empat jam, satu hari, dua hari dan juga tiga hari. Harga kek...

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蛋糕爱好者的佳音!大马首创网上蛋糕订购和配送门户网站 ”Eat Cake Today“,让您在弹指间即可享受有蛋糕师按您个人要求精致炮制的美味蛋糕。”电召蛋糕“ 和 ”电召车“ 一样方便,即使足不出户,也能在家享用美味的蛋糕!  “Eat Cake Today”集合了40多位蛋糕师,其中一些更是大家耳熟能详的烘焙店,这些蛋糕师团队乃是根据市场调查建议而精挑细选。Eat Cake Today 备有了400款蛋糕西饼供选着,应有尽有。目前共有4位获得JAKIM清真食品认证的蛋糕师。  “Eat Cake Today” 目前提供配送至吉隆坡和八打灵再也一代的服务,配送费为RM10。配送至吉隆坡和八打灵再也以外地区,如沙亚南,巴生,武吉加里尔,加影,万挠等地区将征收额外的费用。欢迎登入网站 或致电:017-8800153 进行订购,营业时间为星期一至六上午9点至下午八点,星期日/公众假期则从上午9点至下午6点。  “Eat Cake Today”推出了一项特别促销活动,只要订购蛋糕时可享有Rm10.00折扣。此项促销活动仅适用于网站 进行网上订购,并使用促销代码 “EATCAKETODAY10” 进行兑换。配送服务仅限巴生谷一带。促销将于2018年10月31日截止。 News content from Famine Magazine. Thank you Famine Magazine for featuring us!

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Beauty is not skin deep - superficial is where it's at

The cake was stunning to look at - it came exactly as expected so we were really excited about it. Whilst the toppings of 2-finger KitKat and one macaron and some chocolate balls were a decadent touch, we could have just brought those separately at a fraction of the cost and been satisfied. The cake:cream ratio stands at 1:1, which makes the cake take on a really gloopy and slimy texture bite-for-bite. The overwhelming cream does nauseate. After separating the cream away totally, the sponge also disappointed as it was really very airy and dry, and lacked any significant chocolate flavour. At a hefty tag of RM200, it was a real let-down. No one finished their cake that day, therefore I did not serve it the next day for other guests to save on embarassment.

Stunning Macarons

Each macaron has a distinct and individual flavour. The macarons were nicely presented in an organiser box which means that I didn't need to pull out my own. Added bonus, they were so fresh that we couldn't help ourselves - second servings all around!

Best chocolate cake

The cake is moist and not so sweet compare to other chocolate cake

Yummy cake

Rich, buttery, salty caramel. A great combination that really hits the spot