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Passion Fruit Cakes

If you’re a big fan of passion fruit cake, Eat Cake Today offers a variety of passion fruit cakes for you to choose. There are all types of passion fruit cakes that you can try such as passion fruit mousse cake, passion fruit sponge cake, mango passion fruit cake, passion fruit birthday cake, passion fruit butter cake, passion fruit cheesecake and so forth. Every passion fruit cake recipe is unique with its textures and ingredients. We insist on serving premium quality ingredients. Get one cake with passion fruit and try it today!

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Wonderful birthday present

I ordered this cake for my mom's birthday from the UK because I couldn't be with her to celebrate. It arrived on time and was completely intact. They said the taste was great! I was so happy that this allowed me to participate in my mom's birthday celebrations even though I can't get back to Malaysia right now.

Love it so so much

If you like chocolate, this is definitely for you ! Will repeat this again

Fabulous log cake

The receiver said the cake was a feast for the eyes and for the mouth. Thumbs up!


Great taste

Sumptuous taste and service

The cake is light to your mouth, more reason to have 2-3 slices more. The icing on the cake is the plentiful poppy seed. Well worth buying if you’re into light but tasteful cake