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Mango Cakes

A heaven to all the Mango Cakes lovers. Eat Cake Today offers a wide range of delicious mango cakes such as mango cheesecake KL, mango birthday cake, mango mousse cake, mango crepe cake, mini mango cheesecake, mango sponge cake, baked or no bake mango cheesecake. We will soon have more options for you like mango swiss roll, mango jelly cake, mango coconut cake and so on. The mango cake recipe used is using high quality ingredients to ensure the best experience of our customers. If you’re looking for mango cake online order near me, order from us and we deliver happiness to your doorstep!

Eat Cake Today merupakan laman kek delivery online. Kami mempunyai pelbagai kek mangga yang anda akan suka! Resepi mango cake, mango cheesecake dan sebagainya menggunakan bahan-bahan terbaik kerana kami ingin memberi kek yang paling sedap untuk customer kami. Layarilah koleksi ini dan beli kek anda!

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So cute and perfect!

My grandma loved it - dad loves it cos not too sweet! Hope can have more designs for grandma!

Simple and tasty!

A simple layered butter cake with buttercream and lotus biscoff topping. Not too sweet. We enjoyed it. Would have loved more of that lotus biscoff topping though ☺️

Nice gift for a good friend

My friend and family were very happy to receive this cake. As there was only 3 of them in the family, the smaller size ensured everything consumed and enjoyed without needing to keep for another day.

My friend likes it!

I bought this cake for my friend’s birthday and she love it. Nice balance between the bitterness and the sweetness. She claimed that she would recommend this to her friends.

too sweet

i have tried similar flavoured crepe cake from yippi gift and its taste better than this