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Dessert Table Package

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Party mood on? Take your party to the next level with our newly launched dessert table packages. Here you'll find the perfect dessert table full of sweet treats that can cater to your party needs. All the Dessert Table Packages can be delivered within 4 hours (order before 2pm) hassle-free!

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Looks and taste good

Bought as surprised birthday cake. Birthday girl and family enjoyed eating it. Birthday girl said it look good, the cream was still fresh even though they ate it one day later and overall not too sweet.👍
* outer ring perhaps could be trimmed so the layers are more visible. Then visually it would be even better..


Beyond words can describe

My family liked the cake very much


Less sweet & more fruits wld be good

The best lemon poppyseed in town

This is my 3rd order. Love that it’s consistently delicious and not too sweet. Also the presentation is spot on.