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Slice Cakes

Have the sudden crave and need for sinfully luscious cakes but they’re too big for a quick bite? Settle down, Eat Cake Today has your intense cravings covered with our Slice Cakes! In the mood for something creamy and smooth? Try out the Over The Moon New York Cheesecake slice. Want to drown the cravings in chocolate? Get yourself the Chocolate Mousse Cake slice~ Not too big, not too small -- just right for your cakey itch! 

Kalau tiba-tiba mengidam nak makan kek tak payah dah beli satu kek untuk diri sendiri. Puaskan hati dengan Slice Cakes dari Eat Cake Today! Kalau rasa-rasa macam mood nak makan kek coklat boleh cuba Chocolate Mousse Cake Slice. Pekat dengan ke-enakan coklat, ia cukup memuaskan~

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Beautiful design & delicious!

Ordering process was smooth, delivery was on time. The cake was beautiful, & the taste was light & fresh. Will definitely order from this baker again 👍

Moist choc cake

The choc cake was moist, rich, and the sweetness level just nice. Everyone enjoyed the cake very much!

Vintage Fleur Korean Cake 6"

Red Velvet Cake

Sent it to my friend as a birthday gift. She really enjoyed it!


Delivery was on time.