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Strawberry Chiffon Cake

Sponge Cakes

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Fluffy chiffon cake layer with light cream frosting, a thin layer of strawberry jam that give you a hint of strawberry in every bite and a lot of fresh strawberries that bring out the natural and moderate sweetness.

Cake Details
🍰 8-10 / 12-16 slices                 🎂 6 inch x 2 inch / 8 inch x 2.5 inch 

⚖  0.6 kg / 1.1 kg                        🕑 2 days pre-order

Remarks: Size stated is size of cake mold, cake might be smaller as cakes shrink after cooling down.

Ingredients + -
strawberry, flour, sugar, oil, egg, dairy whipping cream, leaves & pistachio (decoration)
Allergens + -
Wheat, dairy, egg, walnut
Items provided with your order + -
✓ Candles     ✓ Water colored handwritten message on cake topper
✓ Knife          ✓ Handwritten message on card
Cake Care Instructions + -
Please keep the Strawberry Chiffon Cake refrigerated (0-4 °C) after collection and allow the cake to sit at least 3-5 minutes before serving. The cake can be refrigerated for maximum 2 days however it’s advisable to consume within the day of purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Lovely cake

I had the 6 inch one and it was perfect for my family. Not too sweet too. Strawberries not that sour


Cake was nice and so good love it!!!

Nice cake

Tasty cake but strawberries were very sour.

Syuhadah H.
Great for strawberry lovers

The cake is light & and a little on sour, which is perfect for strawberry lovers like myself. My daughter also loved it. Great as a birthday cake or as after meal dessert. If you are looking for a super sweet cake, this cake isn't for you. But if you love strawberries, you must try this!

Rachel H
Strawberry Cake

I ordered Strawberry Cake for my daughter's birthday, delivered to her premise. She said it was really yummy, not too sweet, lots of strawberries in the cake. The delivery was also on time. My daughter and her friends had a good time savouring the cake! Thank you.

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