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Mille Crepe

Eat Cake Today deliveries you the best Mille Crepe Cakes in Malaysia in just 1 day to your doorstep! There are more than 10 selections of mille crepe cakes in Eat Cake Today. It all comes with different flavours Our Mille Crepe Cakes are made of 100% No Alcohol & Lard. Low Fat. Low Sugar. Our Mille Crepe Cakes are made fresh daily with handpicked ingredients. Suitable for birthday celebrations, events. Have a slice of mille crepe cakes for tea time sessions with friends and family. 

The crêpe cake, a.k.a. mille crêpes, is a stunning French cake consisting of at least 20 layers of crêpes, all stacked up, with luscious filling in between — from pastry cream and buttercream to whipped cream and ganache. Together they bring sublime sensual experience to the palate, and are available in endless, enticing varieties for everyone to try.

Got a last minute birthday party to throw? Have a sudden desire to wallow in a deliciously decadent cake? Forgot your wedding anniversary, partner's, mother's, or worse... your boss' birthday? Don't fret, Eat Cake Today is here to ensure that you don't get fired. Shop for café quality cakes from your favorite baker and we will have it delivered within a swift delivery time of just 4 hours!  Just in time to save you from the doghouse! Eat Cake Today bakes a unique take on cakes! By ordering from us, you get to choose from a myriad of gorgeous and delicious creations from carefully curated local bakers. Cake selections on the website are categorized by minimum processing time requirements, such as 4 hour options, 1 day options, and even 6 day options, but don't fret - you can always order upfront from any of the lists, and have it delivered a few days later, a week later, or even a month later, as long as it's within the minimum processing time!

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