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Whether you’re looking for croissants, danishes, puff pastries, or pies, we’ve got you covered! Eat Cake Today's newly introduced pastry cater corporations and individual clients for special occasions such as meetings, events, celebrations and even for your own consumption! These are not the ordinary quality you get from any bakery shops, taste it and you will know it ;) We guarantee to deliver these mouth-watering pastries to your doorstep without any hassle! 
Ada tetamu nak datang? Jangan risau, hidanglah Pastries dari Eat Cake Today~ Nak hidang apa? Croissant ada, danish ada, puff pastries dan pai pon ada! Bukan biasa-biasa pastri ni! Tak percaya? Cubalah sendiri ;) Kalau nak senang je -- kami akan hantar ke rumah kalian!