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东西/创意蛋糕造型 是食物,也是艺术品

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Hargai bakat, kreativiti pembuat kek

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Kek merupakan satu hidangan terpenting bagi meraikan apa saja sambutan sama ada majlis hari jadi, perpisahan, ulang tahun perkahwinan dan sebagainya.

Ramai pengusaha kek kreatif dalam menghasilkan juadah pemanis mulut itu bagi memenuhi permintaan pelanggan mereka.

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Let them eat cake!

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“Let them eat cake!” A quote normally misattributed to French Queen Marie Antoinette, she supposedly said it when informed the starving peasants outside the palace had no bread to eat.

While almost certainly nothing than anti-monarchy propaganda of the time, it was a quote that probably would have been fittingly uttered at the recent Eat Cake Today Cake Show 2019.

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Selera Trend Kek 2020

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"Cantiknya. Sayanglah hendak makan." Begitulah ungkapan yang sering didengar setiap kali seseorang itu dijamu dengan kek sebagai pencuci mulut mahupun hidangan minum petang. Lazimya, kek disediakan ketika majlis hari jadi atau perkahwinan.

Nampaknya selepas ini mungkin tiada lagi kek 'biasa' yang selalu dilihat dalam majlis perkahwinan atau hari jadi kerana kek-kek dihasilkan semakin kreatif. Kek nasi lemak, boba lava, graviti minion antara kek unik yang dihasilkan. Adakah ini akan menjadi trend jenis-jenis kek 2020?

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Feast for the eyes at cake show

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EAT Cake Today (ECT), an online cake portal, showcased more than 40 flavourful items at The Cake Show 2019, and featured the bakers who have become a vital entity in its operations.

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Efficient service and quick delivery

Very happy with the service :)

Very good

this cake is pretty good ! Fantastic ! I have had so many cakes but this one is over my expectations.. I absolutely will buy it next time! Thank you!

Great taste and sweet looking!

This cake taste is great! Not too sweet and it just nice!

Delicious cake

Received the cake within the promised delivery time however, missing out on the candles.
The cake is really delicious. Packed with great & abundance of ingredients. Every mouthful has the cherry, cake, cream and chocolate. It’s still a bit sweet but still a great cake. Will buy again next time 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Tasty, Rich, Chocolatey-Nutella Goodness

The cake was tasty, however it was a little dry, especially the last layer. That sort of made it hard to eat. Taste-wise though, it's great and was enjoyed. Would I order it again? Probably not. Mad props to the delivery guy though, cake was due to arrive between 4 to 6 pm, and arrived promptly at 4.20 pm which was very helpful.