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活力加油站 Living Delight (2018) | 2018年9月24日

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给位蛋糕爱好者有福啦!大马首创电购以及配送网站 Eat Cake Today 让您在忙碌当中利用弹指间订做自己想要的美味蛋糕,即使足不出户也可以在家享用哦!Eat Cake Today 最大的卖点就是可以在4个小时以内提供配送服务,让顾客可以享受当天配购 同日配送哦。活动当天他们邀请来的蛋糕师现场为来宾示范制作蛋糕,其中包括了马卡龙以及蛋糕彩绘。 News content from 8TV Living Delight 活力加油站 > Thank you 8TV Living Delight 活力加油站 for featuring us!

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Let Them Eat Cake - New Straits Times

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There are more than 400 types of cakes available at Eat Cake Today. And they are all attainable with just a few clicks. No matter how unique or personal you want your cake to be, Ang is certain that you’ll be able to find it on the online platform which hosts more than 40 bakers. Prices start from an affordable RM40 to as high as RM321. It all depends on what you want. Most importantly, it also promises a swift delivery time of just four hours. “You can now order a cake when you get into the office, and celebrate...

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Let them eat cake

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ON the second floor of a typical shop lot located in Sri Petaling and ironically, just a level below a fitness centre, a sweet scent permeates the Mama Girl baking studio. The heady aroma of freshly baked confectioneries is strong and seems to be wafting from the far right corner of the studio. There, a makeshift display table has been set up showcasing an array of colourful sugary delights of many shapes and sizes. For someone with a sweet tooth, this is the true definition of paradise. “Malaysians have always enjoyed eating cakes,” declares BC Ang, the director and CEO...

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UPSTART: Having your cake and eating it

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Eat Cake Today is an online platform which has over 400 cake varieties for you to choose from. The unique selling point is 4 hours delivery to the entire Klang Valley, sooner to be extended to other states in Malaysia.  Watch the video by clicking the link attached in below to understand the background of Eat Cake Today. News Content from The Edge Malaysia > > Thank you The Edge Malaysia for featuring us! 

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With everyone’s busy schedules today, it only deemed right that somebody came up with a portal that acts as platform for home bakers to promote their baked goods to customers. This platform then allows customers to conveniently look for a cake without having to physically hunt one down. Director & CEO of Eat Cake Today, Mr BC Ang said that “the portal offer a wide repertoire of quality, premium cakes delivered from bakers to consumers conveniently.” From cheesecakes to rainbow-coloured jellies to durian almond cakes, you’re bound to find one that fits your taste buds. Picture credits: Eat Cake Today All you have to...

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Very Very Sweet

Omg! Too Sweet! quite disappointed!

Carrot lover

Healthy and yummy in a piece!


The cake design looks okay too bad the taste was so terrible.

Cheesy Mix Assorted Cheesecake

It tasted amazing! My mom loved it for her birthday!

Delivery on time, Cake in good condition

Cake is good, not too sweet. Ordered only one day before, and it’s hassle free. Would definitely order again for the convenience and quality of cake.