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Eat Cake Today 欢庆母亲节 推出系列精美手工蛋糕

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在即将来临的母亲节,有什么比得上 Eat Cake Today 精美又可口的蛋糕,更能为你传情达意呢?

为了这特别的日子,网络蛋糕店 Eat Cake Today 特为母亲节推出一系列香甜又精美可口的手工精制主题蛋糕和甜点,包括紫玫瑰果冻蛋糕,巧克力红丝绒蛋糕,经典香草杯子蛋糕,玫瑰蛋糕,亮面荔枝果冻蛋糕等。。。

即日起至5月19日,你只需上网通过 门户网站下单订购,就会有宅配将蛋糕送到妈妈手上!偷偷告诉你,订购时只需使用促销代码 LOVEMOM,即可享有10% 促销折扣(最低消费额为RM100)呢!

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Thank you HMI magazine for featuring us!

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Red Velvet Cake Bites 10"

Premium Chocoland Cake 4"

Delivery on time, the cake outlook is pretty. However the cake only have 3 layer sponge cake instead of 4 layer sponger cake from the pic. Then they use a lot of cream to make it as 4". a bit disappointed.

Chocolate salted caramel cake

Brilliant. A bit on the small side but i enjoyed every bit of it

Rich, moist, sweet

The choc cake will be superb if cut down the sweetness since it suppose to be a dark choc cake 😊


it was really good!!