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Best Deepavali Sweet Treats for Family, Friends and Loved Ones

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In just a few weeks, we will be celebrating the Deepavali festival with friends and our loved ones! It is significant to show some love and give something to them, especially during the celebration of a festival! Eat Cake Today presents to you the best treats for your family and friends during the festival. 

1. Deepavali Container Dessert 

Exclusive and elegant Deepavali design in a freshly made dark chocolate sponge with rich chocolate ganache. It's easy to share and carry around! The perfect treat for any occasion and any age! Come and treat yourself to a Deepavali container dessert! 

2. 10 Pieces of Edible Print Diwali Macarons

Looking for something that is presentable and also nice to consume? Here’s your life saver! The all new edible print macarons have a beautiful and exquisite Deepavali design. The texture and taste are just lovely as they are crackly crisp and gooey inside!

3. 12 Pieces of Deepavali Pastel Cupcakes

Wealth,joy and prosperity wishes come with this set of Deepavali Pastel cupcakes! Our fluffy and soft sponge cakes, then carefully decorated with hand-piped cream by our professional artisan baker. It comes with two signature flavours to choose from, chocolate and vanilla, wonderful for gifting and sharing!

4. Rangoli Red Velvet Crepe Cakes 8"

Peacock is an important symbol in Hinduism, so is this ultimate masterpiece of red velvet mille crepe cake! 20 layers of handmade paper-thin crepe layered with smooth and creamy red velvet cream cheese that provides a perfect balance of flavour and texture! Celebrate Deepavali with this absolute gorgeous!

5. Deepavali Cake 5"

Looking for a way to shine during your Deepavali festival? Fear not! This is the Deepavali designer cake which looks marvellous and it tastes very nice too! You can choose classic butter or dark chocolate as the flavour of the cake. This will definitely be the star of the day! 

Enough with the chit-chat, come and check our latest Deepavali collection sweet treat at 


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