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Unique Halloween Treats To Spook Up Your Halloween Party!

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Trick or treat? Looking for treats that will satisfy your whole gang at the Halloween party? From terrifying Halloween-themed jelly bits to lovely cakes, we have lots of delicious goodies that will excite your Halloween party! 

1. Halloween Container Dessert 

This Halloween festival requires more sweets! In particular, the one-of-a-kind goodies! Indulge in these unique Halloween container treats! Below the design, there is a freshly made dark chocolate sponge cake, which is super soft and fluffy and paired with a creamy rich dark chocolate ganache. It's simple to share, simple to consume, and portable!

2. 4 pieces of Halloween Macarons

Spooky~ These four little Halloween macarons are lovely for a Halloween presentation as they are cute and evil at the same time. They come in Salted Caramel, Oreo Matcha, Callebaut Dark Chocolate and Double Strawberry flavours.

3. 9 Pieces of Halloween Brownies Fun Box

Brownie bites with varieties of Halloween designs that will blow up everyone’s minds at the Halloween party! They are incredibly crackly, crisp and gooey, and will melt in your mouth! Not to mention, the Halloween designs are edible too!

4. 12 pieces of Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

Too adorable to be frightening, eerie sweets! These beautiful Spooky Halloween zombies and monster Cupcakes are simply looking for a good time! These scrumptious cupcakes will frighten your trick-or-treaters and party visitors. It comes in two delectable flavours that will leave you speechless. The ideal dessert to lend a frightening touch to your Halloween gathering!

5. Zombie Pinata 6"

Muahaha! The zombies are coming for you! The kids and teens will like this Halloween Zombie Pinata, which is filled with various delectable chocolates, gummies, and other goodies. Just hit them with the hammer and wonderful treats will pour out. The ultimate Halloween treat has arrived and is guaranteed to be the talk of the party.

6. The Witch Monster Cake 6"

Halloween is the season for haunting and frightening treats. Surprise your guests with this adorable Witch Monster Cake, which is both tasty and intriguing! This Witch Monster Cake has ten distinct flavours to pick from that will leave you speechless. It's a great Halloween treat that adds a frightening touch to your celebration!

7. Halloween Surprised Buckle

No more tricks! Just a buckle of treats that will make your kids upside down! The Halloween Surprised Buckle comes with two Halloween packets and a range of things. Come and get one to prepare for the Halloween party!

8. Halloween Balloon Bouquet

Besides treats, we also have balloon bouquets to cheer up the celebration! They are customisable and you can choose any colour you prefer.

There are plenty of choices to choose from. Shop the Halloween Collection now at 


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