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Top 6 Best Selling Cakes for Mothers!

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Mother’s Day is around the corner! Looking for the best gifts for your Ommas? Here’s a list of Best Selling cakes that will “Wow” your mom this year! Appealing designs with Affordable prices on Delectable cakes! Buy now before your mom chases you out with a cane for not getting her anything!   

Top 6 - 61% Dark Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake

Mama will be in love with this Less Sweet Dark Chocolate cake layered with super Thin Handmade Chocolate crepes! Made with Smooth Australian Whipped Cream with Dark Chocolate Ganache that is made of 61% Dark Chocolate! Fluffy and Tender texture that will make her fall in love layer by layer. 

Top 5 - Strawberry Yogurt Mousse Cake 6"

Bringing Fresh strawberries from Cameron Highlands for you to honor mama on this day! This cake has the perfect balance of Sweet and Sour with a Fine Modern design. Lighter and more Refreshing taste from its 35% Dairy Whipped Cream along with Yogurt Mousse imported from Australia. Delivers the best quality taste with its Imported Strawberry Puree from France! Your mom will be so in love with its Premium Ingredients!

Top 4 - Mother's Day Aussie Burnt Cheesecake and Flower Set

If confessing to mom is too cheesy for you then send her this cheesy cake instead! A Burnt Cheesecake made with Authentic and Rich Cream Cheese imported from Australia. Giving you a Smooth texture with its Soft Cream Cheese. A dash of Vanilla to bring out the true Sweetness to your mom! This set also comes with a Beautiful Soap Carnation to express your love to its extreme to your mama! 

Top 3 - Mother's Day Lychee Raspberry Mousse Cake 7"

The overwhelming demand of this cake has led our chef to create a Light and Refreshing cake for this special day! A 7” whole cake that comes from our Best Selling Classic Petit Gateau flavour - Lychee Raspberry. Featuring Fluffy Vanilla Sponge and layered with Raspberry Jelly. Frosted with Homemade Lychee Mousse on a Crunchy Almond base! Try it now!

Top 2 - Mother's Day Pandan Mango Mousse Cake 7"

Our Petit delight is now a Whole Cake! Indulge in this Aromatic Pandan flavour that blends in so well with Sweet Mango that can fix your mom’s cravings! Cut into the cake and be impressed by layers of beautiful colour combinations! A French style Mousse cake that is Handcrafted by using the Finest and Freshest ingredients! 

Top 1 - Sweet Mother's Day Petit Gateau Box

You can never go wrong with this Petit Gateau Box because it is our Best Selling item this Mother’s Day! A luxurious Petit Gateau Set that comes with 4 exquisite flavours. Taste these Petit Gateau accordingly – take a bite on this Fruity Lychee Raspberry and then go on to a slight sour-ish Pineapple Soursop! Before your taste buds get more intense, try the Appetizing Chilled Cheese Mango Calamansi. Lastly, get delighted with the 70% Chocolate Noir! The great choice to gift to mama to try all different exquisite flavours in just one box!

The queen will definitely be satisfied with these gifts! Enjoy Same Day Delivery in order to surprise your mom today!


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