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Klang Valley's Best Ice Cream Cakes for Kids

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Looking for the most delicious ice cream cake for your children? Eat Cake Today is here to your rescue. Every child needs some excitement, and they deserve to have happy childhood memories! Surprise your kids with the most desired and best-selling ice cream cakes from us! 

1.Valrhona Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Nobody can resist the addiction of chocolate, especially children! It is undoubtedly the best option for any occasion and age, as it will make you fall in love with just a single bite! It provides a strong punch of chocolate flavour with a lotus biscuit base, layered with mini chocolate brownies, topped with rich chocolate ice cream and gula melaka crumble! Absolutely divine! 

2. Oreo Ice Cream Cake

A love story in childhood? Definitely falling in love with Oreo! Wait, what? An oreo ice cream is even more lovely! It is indisputably good, with the perfect balance of texture between Oreo Vanilla ice cream and lotus biscuit base. Not to mention, the top is loaded with oreo crumbles, which provides the ultimate sensation for you! Give this to your birthday boy or girl and they will be the happiest stars of the day!

3. Mixed Berries Yogurt Ice Cream Cake 6"

Berry Bang! The all new mixed berries yogurt ice cream cake with wonderful pinkie and rosie design! The perfect balance of sweetness and sourness from the mixed berries yogurt and the silky smooth icing from the outer layer. Suitable for all ages, especially kids!

4. Ovaltine Crunchy Chocolate Ice Cream Cake 6"

Every child’s favourite, Ovaltine! This Ovaltine crunchy chocolate ice cream cake has a cute mini ice cream design and every bite is a surprise! The ovaltine chocolate ice cream is paired with a generous amount of crunchy pop from the Ovaltine which provides a perfect texture and flavour to the cake!

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