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5 Must-Try Durian Cakes Delivery In KL

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The King of Fruits has got to be Durian for its unique appearance and taste regarding the different types that are available in the market. For instance, D24 Sultan tastes bittersweet and creamy whereas Musang King tastes bitter, creamy and sticky instead. There are many ways to enjoy durian - such as turning it into smoothie, sandwich spread, ice cream or mixing it with coffee or rice. However, we agreed on one of the best ways is by adding it into desserts as it is sweet yet slightly bitter on its own. This blog post is a perfect read for people who are interested to find out more on the best Durian cakes in town! 

  1. Durian D24 Mille Crepe by Food Foundry
    Durian D24 Mille Crepe 9" - Mille Crepe - Food Foundry - - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia
    Majority of the locals are familiar with the durian type, named D24 for its incredible bittersweet taste, but our baker is being innovative by turning it into a mille crepe, while retaining its authentic taste that is adored by the locals. It is a popular pick as the thin layers of delicate crepe are generously filled with fresh D24 flesh and infused cream, the best way to enjoy the delicacy and taste of durian!

  2. Golden Durian King Cheesecake by Purple Monkey
    Golden Durian King Cheesecake - Cheesecakes - Purple Monkey - - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia

    The famous frozen Durian cheesecake that stays on the best-seller list, and we definitely know why! It is a no-bake eggless frozen durian cheesecake with an adorable durian pulp on top of the cake, while having buttery digestive biscuits as the base to add a little crunch and savoury taste. The aroma of the durian is not playing around when it comes to this cake. Besides, it comes in 2 sizes - 6 inch and 8 inch, the amusement after each bite will leave you wanting for more and 6 inch might be not enough to satisfy that craving, but you do you.

  3. Durian Cheesecake by Madeleine Patisserie
    Durian Cheesecake 9" - Cheesecakes - Madeleine Patisserie - - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia
    It has an extremely smooth texture that you can taste the rich and authentic flavour of the Musang King itself! On a side note, this is more suitable for people with sweet-tooth as it can be slightly sweeter than the other Durian cakes, but there’s no added preservatives and flavourings for sure. Additionally, it is under Same Day Delivery which is perfect for any last-minute event or celebration!

  4. Durian Cake by Le Bons 9
    Durian Cake 9" - Malaysian Flavor - Le Bons 9 - - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia
    It is a vanilla sponge cake that contains fresh and delicious durian filling, alongside with toasted almond flakes - a perfect durian seasonal delight! What is better than celebrating important dates/ events with a locally loved flavoured cake? It comes in 9 inches, just right to be shared with the loved ones during gathering.

  5. 36 Pieces of D24 Durian Profiteroles Cream Puffs by Baker’s Art
    36 pieces of D24 Durian Profiteroles Cream Puffs - Pastry - Baker's Art - - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia
    This is the fusion of French and Malaysian, as cream puffs originated from France and durian is Malaysia’s king of fruit. These durian cream puffs are calling out all of the durian lovers as it blasts high-quality D24 durian paste and vanilla essence after each bite, enjoyment of creamy goodness guaranteed! It works perfectly as an afternoon snack or party bites as they come in bite-sized, not too heavy to be consumed while making sure to satisfy.

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