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Ever had brownies so irresistibly good, you had to ask yourself “Who and how did anyone invent this?” There are many stories and theories as to who invented the brownies and how. The most popular one has to be the story about a housewife in Bangor that accidentally left out the baking powder when baking her cake. As a result, she just served the flat cake, later known as brownies, to her guests and they loved it! Regardless of the actual origin story of the brownies, it’s a given fact that everyone absolutely goes head over heels for them! So here is our list of the Top 7 brownies you must try at least once!

Brownies Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery

  • Kicking off the list with the classic Brownies with a slight caramel-ish twist! Some people like their brownies cakey. Others prefer it chewy. This one, in particular, is the classic fudgy brownies. A hefty and neat drizzle of rich caramel sauce paints the top with a smoky-sweet vibe! 

    Brownies Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • Keeping in shape but craving for some dessert? Then say hello to the Gluten-Free Madagascar Brownies! Dark chocolate brownies, with a dash of organic sugar and nuts to add to the excitement of taking your first bite into a healthier alternative for brownies

    Brownies Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • When it comes to cakes and brownies, the vegans tend to get left out because of the ingredients. But not anymore! This Vegan Chocolate Orange Brownie can be enjoyed by everyone thanks to the lack of animal products present in the recipe when making the brownies! It even has a tangy twist with some fresh orange slices and zest decorating the cake. Get your vegan friends over for some brownies and have fun~

    Brownies Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • Is it just us or do these Stacked Brownies look like a silhouette of a towering castle? Just look at them stacked up, one after another! Topping this fudgy tower of brownies are some freshly picked berries and some caramel drizzle. Turn into Godzilla and wreck this brownies tower (and eat it)! 

    Brownies Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • Maybe you’re not looking for something too rich and fudgy. Perhaps the Matcha Brownies might suit you well! They’re not your typical brownies -- leaning more on the cakey side off things, they even taste lighter than other brownies! A perfect alternative for those who aren’t in the decadent mood~ 

    Brownies Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • Even brownies have their own trends. So you either be there or be square! Or should we say… rectangular~ Why eat brownies the old-fashioned way when you can have a bar of brownies? They’re easy to pick up and eat and they’re great for sharing too! Your favourite fudgy brownies,  made trendier~ 

    Brownies Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • You have a lot on your mind right now, and you also have brownies to worry about as well. Put your mind at ease and let this 16 Pieces of Mixed Flavoured Brownies Box do the thinking for you -- on the brownies part, at least. Each and every piece of brownies in this box is different in flavour and texture. Some are chewy, some are cakey, some are fudgy. But most importantly, they all taste amazing! 

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank the baker that first invented the brownies, even if it was by accident. We’re all hopelessly in love with the trendy finger foods! I’m sure many of you have searched for a “Bakery Near Me” just to get yourself some brownies. You no longer have to do that because we’re here to help you with your brownie predicament!

    We still have some tricks up our sleeves when it comes to these classic desserts. Check out our catalogue -- we're sure you're bound to find brownies that suit you just right: https://bit.ly/30uN2RI 

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