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Imagine a situation where you’re tracking down the elusive Unicorn, planning the entire thing while having a slice of your favourite cake

The enchanted forest glows with the eerie cones of moonlight escaping from the canopy, and luminescent mushrooms flickering in the distant dark. Steadily, you make your way through the misty thicket in hopes of catching at least a glimpse of the mythical creature better known as a Unicorn -- such a story would undoubtedly take the cake. In the bushes, you lie in wait. With an old camera in hand, you are constantly at the ready to press the button. After what seemed like forever, you hear something! The leaves rustle and you hear footsteps coming closer. Your trusty camera, up and ready. Flash! You got the picture. But what’s this? Well, yes it looks like a Unicorn but… also a cake? That’s odd. There are even 7 more of these Unicorn Cake things. You decide to approach the Unicorn Cake beings… 

Unicorn Cake Kek Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • One of the first ones you see in your magical expedition: the Unicorn Wizard Cake. Unlike its other Unicorn buddies, save for the fact that it’s quite literally a cake, its mane is not that of pure white, but instead swirls of fiery red buttercream swirls. An expressive little Unicorn, this cake is -- using the fire-like mane to convey its true feelings. It captivates the beholder with the hypnotic charm of its twisty, lustrous hair which resembles that of a bouquet of red flowers. Just don’t go angering this charming Unicorn Cake. We wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of the Unicorn Wizard Cake’s mane now do we? 

    Unicorn Cake Kek Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • After taking a close look at the fiery Unicorn Cake friend, you shift over to another one of them. The Unicorn Magic Cake seems to radiate only the most calming vibes to whoever lays their eyes on it -- quite the contrary compared to the previous Unicorn Cake buddy. She is calm, collected, reassuring -- her pastel-violet mane, tied in a tight braid which dangles from opposite sides of her white-as-snow face and a single horn of gold. It seems as though this unicorn can detect your cravings, moist chocolate cake especially! 

    Unicorn Cake Kek Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • Before you even get to see this new Unicorn Cake friend, you can already feel some sort of overwhelming joy. Could this Rainbow Unicorn Cake really have that much power of positivity? Your eyes were then caught by the sight of its rainbow ponytail -- it’s like someone caught a lifetime-worth of rainbows and painted her mane with them. This Unicorn, although just a cake version of it, really just fills you with a wholesome feeling. 

    Unicorn Cake Kek Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • Ah, on to the next Unicorn Cake friend~ But what’s this? She looks different than the rest? Maybe it’s her golden horn? Maybe it’s the trendy mane-do? Or maybe it’s the fact that this Unicorn is shorter than the rest of her cake peers? Whatever it may be, she’s the coolest of the bunch. Who knew a Unicorn would be so trendy, especially in cake form!

    Unicorn Cake Kek Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • This Unicorn here looks a bit odd -- she looks like a jelly cake but highly detailed and attractive, decorated with flower bangs and a rainbow braid tail. That’s because she IS a Unicorn Jelly Cake! You try to approach it, but it ‘shivers’ with every step you take. Maybe she’s scared? Or is it just the jelly body of this Unicorn Cake buddy? From your observations, she really loves eating fresh Longan. Do you think she’ll taste like one? 

    Unicorn Cake Kek Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • The longer you stay, the more the spooky yet majestic forest turns into a cloud of dreams. A rainbow then appears with a cute little Unicorn riding on it, and somehow everything feels so light and springy like a jelly cake. It oddly smells like the fresh milky-grassy scent of Pandan as well. Why not give the rainbow a taste? It might just taste as good as it smells~ 

  • If you, or anyone you know, ever feels like making their Unicorn, this Unicorn Cake you found among the bouncy clouds will do just the trick. Its form morphs to your will, while still retaining the magical vibe. 

    Well, that really was quite a bizarre adventure, huh? Sadly, all good things must end -- so is the fate of this short yet fulfilling tale of Unicorns and cakes. But you know what you don’t have to say goodbye to? The Unicorn Cakes! Now that’s some good news for anyone if they really love Unicorns and sweet, designer cakes. Best of all, you don’t need to trouble yourself to consult Google for the usual “Bakery Near Me” search! Oh, how rude of us. Let us end this tale the proper way! 

    Elegance and magic are in the air, as the brilliant mane of the snow-white beauty dances gracefully in the star-blessed wind. Between the soft, dreamy clouds of faerie mist, you see small figures standing within -- cutesy and bite-sized in nature. A Unicorn Cupcake is still a cake, right? Why not drop by and say hello to them: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/search?type=product&q=unicorn+cake 

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