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Everybody knows that chocolates and a well-baked chocolate flavoured cake are top picks when it comes to celebrations like Valentine’s Day, but why exactly is that so? The ancient Aztecs have the answer to this question! They believe that chocolate was a source of spiritual energy. Even scientists claim that chocolate actually ups our happy mood. We may not be able to magically summon a good ol’ chocolate cake to you right this instant, but you know what’s the next best thing? This hand-picked list of our 7 top-voted Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate Cake Kek Coklat Moist Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • Danger isn’t really something pretty. But you don’t have to be a thrill-seeker to see the beauty in this Death by Chocolate Cake! A supernaturally clean body of chocolate cake in a smooth suit of rich chocolate cream. The only thing you’d need to fear is its sinfully addictive taste haunting your tastebuds! Oh, and have we mentioned the elegant, swirly hairdo of this fashion-savvy chocolate cake?

    Chocolate Cake Kek Coklat Moist Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • You just woke up from a random blackout. But what really happened? Oh, you took a bite from this Blackout Chocolate Cake! If moist chocolate cake paired with rich chocolate pastry cream isn’t enough for you, a healthy dose of dark chocolate shavings should do the trick! Hey, what do you think you’re doing with that piece of the chocolate cake? There you go and blackout again.

    Chocolate Cake Kek Coklat Moist Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • Whether you’re a fan of those classic black and white Noire movies or the singular, fudgy greatness of Belgian Chocolate, you’re sure to fall in love with this Belgian Noire Chocolate Cake! Not only is the flavour enriched with 71% cocoa butter, but the design of the chocolate cake itself is also smart and clean -- kind of like your favourite detective from those Noire movies!

    Chocolate Cake Kek Coklat Moist Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • The Nutella… with more Nuts! Choosing between chocolate cake, Nutella on bread, and nuts can be quite the hassle. Why choose when you can have the Crunchy Nutella Cake? All the thick and luscious Nutella goodness spread on a soft body of chocolate sponge cake. You’ll even go nuts over the added nuts for a strong, crunchy start!

    Chocolate Cake Kek Coklat Moist Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • If you think a chocolate cake can’t get any more bizarre, then you’re pleasantly proven wrong~ Why? Just take a look at this Chocolate Banana Cake! Between layers of your favourite moist chocolate cake are chunks of caramelized bananas and toasted almond nibs. You may think fruits in a chocolate cake sounds outlandish, but trust us -- it adds creamy-sweet fun to your healthy dose of chocolate!

    Chocolate Cake Kek Coklat Moist Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • Is this real life? Or is this just a chocolate cake fantasy? Have a slice of this Galaxy Dream Cake and you should get your answer! The layers of moist chocolate cake are met with lovely salted caramel buttercream to give that extra buttery, salty-sweet kick! With Macarons decorating the cake, I can’t blame you for mistaking reality with fantasy. Dessert on dessert is just too good to be true! 

    Chocolate Cake Kek Coklat Moist Malaysia PJ KL Cake Delivery
  • Some say symmetry is too simplistic. Try saying that again after taking a look at this Simply Chocolate Cake! It’s symmetrical yet expressive with freshly whipped cream decorating the layers and top side of the chocolate cake, with a neat arrangement of freshly picked strawberries for the finishing touch! You have to admit, this chocolate cake has quite the artistic vibe!

    All in all, chocolate is one of if not the most accepted and loved flavours in the whole wide world, especially when used to bake an amazing cake! It’s been passed around as ideal gifts for ages and it will still be a popular trend in the future. Regardless of occasions, we from Eat Cake Today strive to innovate and make your favourite chocolate cake more fun to have! There’s no need to search for a “Bakery Near Me” when we are here for you~

    Of course, this is a selected few from the vast sea of ultimate choco-goodness just waiting for you to discover! Check out the full range here: https://bit.ly/2XOAlzn 

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