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What if we told you that we serve only the best cakes? Don’t worry this isn’t just another empty claim, because all the dessert-y goods are baked by none other than Lavish Patisserie in all of its special recipe goodness, a cake fit for a king (or queen) such as yourself! You must be wondering “Who is Lavish Patisserie,” right? Well, they are a league of award-winning super bakers, banding together to make sure everyone gets to enjoy premium cakes without the premium price tag, and they have chosen us as their medium to make the world (or areas around KL, more specifically) a better, cakey place. They have entrusted only us with their special recipe, guarding it with all of our sweet and savoury might for a cake that’s simply revolutionary!

Yep, you heard us right! Lavish Patisserie really went all-out with their creations by cooking up a special recipe to bring the most out of each cake they make. That’s like a whole new world opening up to you with every cake you try! Don’t have to take our word for it -- here are 7 of their special recipe masterpieces of a cake

Kek Cake Delivery Malaysia PJ KL
  • Valrhona Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Cake
  • Ever heard of a chocolate cake before? This Valrhona Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Cake is the cooler chocolate cake, made for only the most adventurous chocoholics out there! Try to guess the specialty in this here recipe they used for this ice cream cake. The chocolate shavings on top of the very cake itself aren’t chocolate. They’re Gula Melaka crumbles! And as you run your knife through this hogging recipe, you notice something soft in texture within the cake. You’ll be delighted to see that there’s a layer of brownies hiding within. Phew, that was quite the reveal!

    Kek Cake Delivery Malaysia PJ KL
  • Mango Passionfruit Cheesecake 
  • Lavish Patisserie is as passionate about serving you as much as you’re passionate about mangoes. Just look at this Mango Passionfruit Cheesecake and you’ll see the love (and a dash of that super special recipe) they put into the cake! Part sweet, part tangy, extra creamy -- they contrast so well with each other it almost tastes like a match made in heaven! The ingredients in this recipe are the pure and straight-from-the-tree mango and passionfruit whisked to a pulp and used in the cake to transport you to a tropical island!

    Kek Cake Delivery Malaysia PJ KL
  • Lemon Earl Grey Cake 
  • Looks can deceive. This may look like a hefty dessert, superbly rich and flavour-heavy, but it’s actually quite the light sensation. From the soft body all the way to the cream cheese and lemon curd. The pleasantly deceitful look is the formula in this cloud-like recipe for this lemon cream cheese pound cake! It’s like a pillow for your tastebuds as the mild flavours lull you into a state of relaxation. Bonus points if you have some tea with you!

    Kek Cake Delivery Malaysia PJ KL
  • Carrot Pineapple Cake 
  • Do you know what makes a great carrot cake? A perfect mix of spices and nuts, encased in a moist cake body and cream cheese frosting! This Carrot Pineapple Cake fills in the missing flavour you didn’t know was missing in the first place with their ingredient that snuck right into the recipe of this cake -- pineapple jam! It may not sound as interesting but trust us -- the citrusy-sweet touch hits just right to shake up the vibe and taste while still retaining the signature bombardment of flavours of a perfect carrot cake! 

    Kek Cake Delivery Malaysia PJ KL
  • Pandan Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake 
  • Sometimes, you don’t need to look far for an amazing twist. It could just be a part of something more common. Take this Pandan Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake for example. The special skills here is to mix in local ingredients in the recipe of an otherwise Western cake! The very essence itself is mixed with some pandan extract to give it that familiar scent we all know and love. That, paired with the piped Gula Melaka and pandan buttercream, showered in coconut flakes -- it doesn’t get any local than this huh? 

    Kek Cake Delivery Malaysia PJ KL
  • Pandan Coconut Cake 
  • Maybe you’re not really the type to enjoy something that’s super creamy? Then the Pandan Coconut Cake is for you instead! Get in touch with your local side of things with a combo of coconut cream spread throughout the pandan-flavoured cake and sweet Gula Melaka and coconut flakes raining on top! Who knew the special recipe to an amazing cake would be something totally familiar!

    Kek Cake Delivery Malaysia PJ KL
  • Peanut Chikki Banana Cake
  • Hold on to something, because a wave of nostalgia is going to sweep you away! That’s right, the timeless nostalgic flavour you know and love is the special recipe for this Peanut Chikki Banana Cake! Just imagine mama’s homemade banana bread, fusing together with those Peanut Chikki bars you always bought from the kedai runcit. Oh, what bliss~ But be careful -- the burst of Gula Melaka buttercream might just transport you back to the good old days~

    Really, it’s no secret that most of Lavish Patisserie’s recipe only includes the freshest and premium ingredients when constructing their stunning cakes, be it their looks or their tastes. I bet you must be thinking “What’s this ‘special recipe for each cake’ deal? Why are they trying so hard?” The answer is quite simple, really. Because they care about your satisfaction! If you’re happy, they’re happy~ 

    That's just the tip of the iceberg! Click here to be lavished with a whole collection of Lavish Patisserie cakes: https://bit.ly/3cPdTL1 

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