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Eat Cake Today - Happy Mother's Day Cake Kek

It’s finally that time of the year again, celebrated on the second Sunday of May and involves expressing how much your loved one means to you. What are we referring to? Mother’s Day, of course! Did you know that other countries have different traditions and dates to celebrate this magical occasion? For instance, in the UK it was originally called Mothering Day which falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which was a religious tradition to honour Mother Mary. They still do celebrate Mother’s Day on the same date, albeit with the very traditions we know and love~ 

With the unfortunate Covid-19 events taking place, our Government has issued a Movement Control Order (MCO) and we’re left indoors until the situation changes for the better. Until then, there’s no reason NOT to celebrate Mother’s Day! There are still many creative and heartwarming ways to tell your mother you appreciate her -- and you don’t have to plan a supersized surprise party to do just that! Simple gestures such as serving breakfast in bed and spending quality time with her with some wholesome mother-daughter (or son) movies can really tighten the bond with the Queen of the house.

With under a week before the celebration, you must be looking for the best gift for your Mother right? Something cute, something memorable, something that she will surely fall in love with. Stop your worrying, because we have just the perfect gift for Her Majesty of the household -- cakes and desserts! And not just any cakes and desserts. They’re crafted from scratch by the most talented local baker-artists that bake desserts that are captivating to the eyes and heavenly on the tastebuds. We’ve even compiled 7 of the best desserts that truly take the cake. Without further ado, here is our Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 


  • MaMa Cake
  • Gentle and elegant, the MaMa Cake truly captures the essence of a caring mother. Interlaced with strawberry yuzu jelly, send your mum on a nostalgic trip down memory lane as she chows down into the body of citrus vanilla light cream and a bouncy marshmallow base, topped with a luscious white chocolate Carnation.

  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Is your mom perky, fresh and raring to go? Then our Strawberry Shortcake is an amazing cake to surprise your Queen with! The cake itself is light in taste and texture, and the freshness of the sliced strawberries is guaranteed. No other cake represents her better than this one.

  • Oh MAMA! Burnt Cheesecake
  • When we were young and cheeky, odds are your mother had burnt (scolded) you so hard you thought they were mean. The truth is, their scolding is to help mould us into a better person. Just like this Oh MAMA! Burnt Cheesecake~ Burnt on the outside to give the gooey, creamy interior a soft (and smoky) crunch. Just goes to show that just because something feels bad doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. 

  • Gift You My Heart
  • We can all agree, it can sometimes get a little awkward to express our feelings, especially to our parents. What if you got something that represents the sweet feelings you have for your Mother? Wonder no more, the Gift You My Heart box is exactly just that! Let your feelings be known with sweet desserts such as Madeleines and Raspberry Cheesecakes, and have a Mother’s Day date with mum over a nice cup of tea. (Indoors, of course)

    Eat Cake Today - Kek Mother's Day Cake
  • Best Mom Ever Cake
  • After all the sacrifices she’s made for you, you’d love to show her that she’s the best mother in the whole wide world! But how? Where are you looking at, take a peek at this Best Mom Ever Cake! The clean, soft embrace of the white chocolate ganache, paired with cutesy flower-like buttercream swirls will ensure nothing but smiles on your lovely mother’s face~

    Eat Cake Today - Kek Mother's Day Cake
  • Just For Mom Gift Box
  • Come on over and take a gander, you just found the perfect dessert platter! Okay, maybe it isn’t really served in a fancy dish to begin with, but the hefty selection of sweet treats is sure enough to fill one up! Two bags of Oat Raisins and Cranberry Chocolate Cookies are only a taste of what this wrapped-up-in-a-cute-little-bow gift box has to offer!

    Eat Cake Today - Kek Mother's Day Cake
  • Hazelnut Crispy Chocolate Cake
  • Sometimes, the classics can make the best gifts. Take everyone’s favourite chocolate cake and add a nutty twist to it, and you get the Hazelnut Crispy Chocolate Cake! A chocolatey sensation that’s decked and topped with more chocolate ganache and luscious chocolate spread, with a healthy sprinkle of mixed nuts for a more crunchy, earthy sensation. Just hope mum saves some to share with the family~ 

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting the perfect burnt cheesecake or the most luscious chocolate cake for her, all that matters is that it’s from the heart. With cakes and desserts made with the baker’s special recipe, satisfaction is guaranteed. So what are you waiting for? Put a smile on your Queen’s face with our top picks~

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