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Father's Day Collections

On a day where we celebrate the unconditional love of our fathers, let’s take a moment to appreciate these wise men in our lives. Check out our cake selections below for your beloved father!

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Not bad!

Was a nice, good cake. Some hits and misses. But still enjoyable if you like pandan. Elements of it could be improved. The cream wasn't rich or worth the price. Simple buttercream. The cake has a strong doughy taste but pandan helps mask it. The good point is that it's not overly sweet so older people will enjoy it. The cake also keeps well overnight in fridge. The gula Melaka syrup on top was nice, salty sweet.


From the first bite to the very last: pure yum! It wasn’t too heavy - light enough to have a second and a third slice. We didn’t mind the sweetness as the surprise texture inside the cake made up for it. From the kids to my parents, everyone really enjoyed the cake. Wish it was a bigger cake :)

Lemon Meringue Cake 8"

Beautiful cake delicately presented with good taste
Keep making more good cakes