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5 Stunningly Colorful Jelly Cakes

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Get a colorful, wiggly, scrumptious Jelly cake to feel the exciting feeling now. Jelly Cakes are a tasty treat. They are lightweight and fluffy. If you want to order a surprisingly delicious jelly cake, we suggest visiting Jelly Cake Delivery from Malaysia's best bakers.

You and any kid in your family are going to fall in love with these different kinds of really nice jelly cakes. Here we listed the 5 best colourful jelly cake.

1. Royal Queen Jelly Cake

Royal jelly is a secretion of honey bees that are used in larvae and adult queens' nutrition.

A jelly-filled layer with sweet lychee and colorful jelly layers, perfect for your Queen's service. The lovely little figure above is the queen of the palace.

Get this cake to make your girl feel like the queen she is and she's your heart's queen! With the less sweet and chewy texture, she can keep her smile all day long! Her tiara shouldn't fall with her heads up.

2. 12 pieces Raya Jelly Cups 

Bored of all the cookies of Hari Raya? For this upcoming Hari Raya, I would love to get these pretty jelly cups.

Moreover, it's all about good happiness for festive celebrations, so why not share these Raya Jelly Cups? It's easy for sharing. Also, these sweet cups are ideal for all ages. These pieces of Raya jelly cups ideal for gifting.

3. Longevity Peach Jelly Cake

A longevity peach is a kind of seed bun, sometimes filled with red bean paste or lotus paste. It is white with a red torn tip with a pin on the side that mimics a peach's shape.

Get the Longevity Peach Jelly Cake Birthday Cake out of tradition! You're not going to complain about too much cream and love the cake's chewiness.

4. Tsum Tsum Jelly Cake

This jelly cake is available for Tsum Tsum fans. Nobody can resist Tsum Tsum Jelly Cake's cuteness.

This Tsum Tsum Jelly Cake is made from cocoon milk and filled with long fruits and not only looks nice but also tastes incredible.  This colorful jelly cake is the perfect dessert for a children's party. Our Tsum Tsum jelly cake is best suited to vegetarians.

5. Rabbit Jelly Cake

With lots of creativity, our special Rabbit jelly cake gives you and your kids a great time for any occasion at any time.

The two edible rabbits of this colorful jelly cake and the savory Longan layer contribute to the chewiness of the cake. It is just like the rabbit on top, the texture of the pastry.

This cake is ideal for every occasion, especially the birthday of children. The little angels are sure to be excited about this lovely cake.

We made jelly cakes with delicious ingredients, colorful jelly cones, and powder. Our jelly cake is light, refreshing, and ready in no time. We offer colorful cakes you'll never make easily, so order a perfect jelly cake for any day or party.

Your local stores don't have the cake you are looking for? Curious to see what other jelly cakes we have? You can order one online. We guaranteed are that our jelly cake collection will meet your needs—shop for one of your favorite Jelly cakes.

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