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Premium Designer Cakes You Do Not Want To Miss

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If you want to order the best-customized and premium quality designer cakes, we suggest visiting Designer Cake Delivery from Malaysia's best bakers. A beautiful collection of cakes to delight the eyes. Getting that lovely, beautiful designer cake to your party without any hassle.

What are designer cakes?

A themed or customized cake is referred to as a designer cake, such as Angel Wing Cake, makeup cake, artsy cake, birthday cake, money theme cake, and a variety of other cakes. For the time being, designer cakes are popular.

Customized cakes appeal to everyone because they reflect their personality or natural surroundings. Also, trendy photographs are added to design cakes.

1. Secret Garden Cake

Because of its decoration, it is known as Secret Garden Cake. It was stunning, and I'm sure you all want to buy it.

The lavender and light pink flowers were made with a homemade marshmallow fondant that was rolled out and cut out with flower cutters in various shapes and sizes.

Secret garden cake with flowers cascading down the side is a syrupy cake for a sweet female in your life, and she will fall head over heels for it.

2. Angel Wing Cake

Angel cake" is a type of sponge cake, "a light porous cake made with eggs and flour and sugar without shortening."

What could be more perfect than giving an angel lover in your life an angel wing cake? On the top of the cake the angel wing gives an elegant look. It is filled with sweet treats such as macarons or chocolates and cooked in white vanilla frosts.

There are four different cake bases from which to select, and this cake is best for any birthday celebration.

3. Unicorn Magic Cake

With the help of Malaysia's best bakers, turn your child's birthday celebration into a magical experience.

This adorable unicorn magic cake design will help you celebrate your uniqueness. Creamy swirls were used to create a flowing mane on top of the cake, and a silver horn and ears were added.

Food Color makes a vibrant blue and violet cake, and Raspberry Extract is the perfect flavor to be pudding in white chocolate.

The unicorn fantasy in this industry is still a thing, and we don't complain! The insanely hand-pipped cool-tone butter is irresistible, mainly when the cake base is classic moist chocolate. The braid is a unicorn.

4. Among Us Cake

You will love this fun and impressive Among us cake if your kid is obsessed with this game. It is made of a delicious vanilla cake and butter-cream, both fully customizable and then filled with fun and enjoyable characters.

As your birthday cake, Among Us Cake Reported will be the best! Everyone will fall in love with the moist texture and adorable design of the cake. No doubt, everyone will forget about their responsibilities and enjoy this cake together.

Don't try to throw the cakes aside; you'll need to track down and report the imposter who finished these delicious cakes.

5. Money Theme Cake

If you want to give a birthday or graduation gift, you can consider it by order a money theme cake.

Money Cake is decorated full of money for a birthday, wedding, graduation, or another special event. This is a perfect surprise and an excellent choice for a good luck cake.

Check out the coolest creative Money Theme cake. You can find lots of cake ideas.

So, what about swirls, flowers, and ribbons, which are all classics? With a Malaysian best baker’s art supplies. From sprinkles and fruit to caramel carvings, there are plenty of ready-to-sell designer cakes.

Order designer cakes online, for birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other event. Choose your favorite one and we deliver happiness to your doorstep.
Curious to see what other designer cakes we have?
You can order one online. We guaranteed are that our designer cakes collection will meet your needs—shop for one of your favorite designer cakes.

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