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3 Best Sponge Cakes Delivery To Klang Valley

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Sponge cake is a light cake, often rinsed with baking powder, consisting of egg whites, flour, and sugar. Sponge cakes, baked with beaten eggs, probably originated in Spain during the Renaissance period.

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What is Sponge Cake?

The best sweet dessert is sponge cake. It is part of the category of "foam desserts" in addition to angel food cake. Their shortlist of ingredients is possibly very common around the world.

Other sweets like snacks and jelly, Swiss rolls, and Tres Leches are also used as the basis of this kind of cake.


When Malaysia's best bakers began using beaten eggs as a base ingredient, sponge cakes were famous.

The classic sponge cake is light but chewy and typically slightly flavored, sugar, and vanilla delight—sponge cake recipes, often with lemon or orange flavors.

A tablespoon of fresh ginger may also be grated and added to the butter and sugar mix. Fill the batter with chops of fruit (even frozen!), chocolate chips (or toffee chips or chips of white chocolate).

Here we listed our four best sponge cakes. For more selection you can visit our online store:

1.  Green Tea Sponge cake

Green tea sponge cake made of eggs, sugar, vegetable oil, pastry flour, and powdered tea. It's our moist and spongy green tea cake—ideal for a light snack in the evening.

This is Japan's best cake combination must be the green tea sponge cake paired with red beans. Using the finest Japanese matcha rich in flavor and aroma, baked in our fluffy sponge with our slow-cooked sweet red beans, layered between two layers of milky pastry cream, making it a cake that is light in texture and adequate in quantity. It's a good option for healthy treats lovers.

2.  Chocolate Banana Sponge Cake

It combines ripe mashed bananas' sweetness with cocoa powder. This would also be perfect for family gatherings as it feeds up to 16 people.

Chocolate's smooth, silky texture makes this cake wonderful.  Chocolate and banana are in perfect harmony.

If you're looking for a rich but not too sweet, fruity dessert, the combination of banana and chocolate gives you a refreshing treat that puts you in a peaceful state of mind.

3.  Almond Tiramisu Cake 8

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert with a coffee flavor. It is made from ladyfingers dipped in coffee, laying in a mixture of whips of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone, with cocoa flavor.

So, with its three springy layers, Tiramisu Cake has yet soft cakes infused with coffee, with each layer being combined with smooth, sweet-milky cheese and sprinkling in your mouth bitter-sweet chocolate shavings! It is caked in more mascarpone cream for a more stunning finish and decorated with a shell of crunchy, earthy Almond Crunch.

Sponge cake recipe balance guidelines

  • The sugar weight should be equivalent to or greater than eggs.
  • Total liquid weight, including eggs, should exceed the sugar weight.
  • Flour should have fewer weights than sugar or eggs.
  • The whole egg and flour weight should surpass the total sugar and liquid weight.

Best Tip to make the Sponge Cake fluffy

Butter and sugar are a key tip to spongy, smooth, and moisturize the cake together. Whisk butter and sugar for a long time to make the mixture light yellow and soft due to air intake. The process is popular as creaming.

Remember: If the butter or spread is too soft, it becomes oily and the resulting cake heavy and thick. If the butter is too cold, it takes too long to mix into the sugar and eggs and cause over-mixing, which means a rich cake.

Your local stores don't have the cake you are looking for? You can order one online. We guaranteed are that our online store will meet your needs—shop for one of your favorite sponge cakes –free delivery to Klang Valley.

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