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Jelly Cakes

Add more wiggly fun to your cake with Eat Cake Today’s Jelly Cake collection! Be the source of attention with the incredibly detailed and eye-catching designs of the cakes that are bound to deliver more excitement in every bite! Get yourself a colourful, wiggly, and scrumptious Jelly Cake to experience the exciting sensation yourself now!

Jika anda peminat agar-agar, Eat Cake Today ada sesuatu untuk anda! Eat Cake Today menyediakan kek agar-agar dengan reka bentuk yang memukau! Cubalah sendir sensasi agar-agar sensasi agar-agar yang diinovasi sekarang!

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A gift from afar

The cake is delicious on the looks and taste. Perfect for Christmas sweet treats for our family which far from the eyes but not from the heart.

Whisky Espresso Ice Cream Cake

I think the taste wise its good, but I would prefer to have more cake and less ice cream. This is just my personal preference. :) Overall, I love it. Thank you so much.

Good and delicious

Taste good and cute.


nice and delicious.

A delightful cake

It's was delicious moist and not too sweet! Just nice.. will definitely order again!