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Which Cake Is Suitable For Different Types Of Dad?

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The most frequent question you ask yourself when it comes to any celebration: What best cake/gift should I get ah? With Father’s day just around the corner, sure it’s another knotty problem to figure out what to get as the best father’s day gift idea for the super hero of the family. Eat Cake Today has done all the hard work with you by presenting you to different types of father’s day 2021 cakes that are suitable for different types of fathers. 

For the helicopter dad, he does everything well and takes up his whole father role perfectly, he deserves a Royal King Jelly Cake 5”.

A light and refreshing Jelly Cake with a layer of jelly filled full of lychee and colourful jelly layers. This less sweet cake is definitely suitable for all ages, best serve chilled. The perfect cake during this hot weather and after a heavy meal. He is not only king of family but also the king of time with everything well organized.

Business man is hard to buy for. What is a hobby? What is free time? There’s no such thing as they spend most of their time on their work. Meanwhile you can get this Gentleman Fruity Cake that is decorated with fruits like a suit. The slight sweetness of the sponge balances out by the tanginess of blueberry filling.

Meanwhile if your dad loves to sit in the balcony/garden sipping tea during the evening, get this Kyūsu Cake 7". Kyūsu means teapot in Japanese. A unique cake crafted by international award winning pastry chef, the umami taste from matcha, sweetness from white chocolate and red bean, a classic bitter sweet combination. The orange zest adds a touch of refreshing taste on your taste buds. Smooth matcha ganache with crunchiness from rocher glaze base gives a perfect combination of texture.

Impress your dad who loves to drink with this less sweet sponge cake, Brandy Yougurt Cake with Berry compote! Victoria sponge glaze with Brandy syrup, layering by yogurt mousse and berry compote. Sour and alcohol combination won't have a sweet and strong alcohol taste.

Although he always says he doesn't want anything for Father's Day, you know that a Father’s day cake still warms his heart. It will never go wrong to buy him chocolate cake, Love U Dad Cake 4" as one of your father’s day gift ideas. Simple design that impersonates the personality of almost every dad, with the direct message saying Love U dad will surely make you his favourite child this year Father’s Day.

If you prefer small treats or party bites then cupcakes will be one of the options you can consider. Get these lovely healthy vegan cupcakes, 12 Pieces of Best Day Cupcakes to your father who is a vegan. It makes the celebration more easy as it is easy to carry, easy to share and easy to consume.

Unless you run out of a father's day present idea, may this Gorgeous Brownie Cakesicles Box be the choice. This dark chocolate brownie coated with white and dark chocolate and decorated with food grade beans and icing sugar. Now you share this chocolatey Happy Father’s Day joy with the whole family.

Father’s day is just once in a year and dad deserves sweet treats too! Never forget to appreciate him and express your love to him. If you find it hard to say the love out, wish him Happy Father’s Day by sending him sweet treats. Find out more for father’s day cakes and gift ideas collection at https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/fathers-day-collections

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