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Online Fresh Fruit Cakes Delivery Malaysia Available Here

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

To be honest, it is quite hard to find for fruit cake delivery in Malaysia within Klang Valley. To ward off your worries, Eat Cake Today is here to save your day with a list of authentic fruity cakes with cake delivery provided from them. Most important thing is that all fruit cakes with us are baked freshly! If you’re craving for fruity cakes, stay here to continue reading this.

Majority of the guys have less interest in eating sweet treats. If you really need a birthday cake for your man or any successful businessman you know, take a look at this Gentleman Fruity Cake. A simple fruit cake delivered from an online bakery near me or you with fresh fruit arranged like a tuxedo and coated with fresh cream. The cream and the tangy blueberry filling makes a wonderful combination with the soft, airy chiffon cake that makes the fruit cake less overwhelmed. You can even get this fruit cake delivered to your boss on his birthday from Eat Cake Today.

Biscoff and Lychee? When you think these two flavours are weird to match together, try it first, it tastes unexpectedly fantastic! This Lychee Biscoff Cake - fruit cake topped with fresh longan, strawberry and a mango rose. You’ll be surprised with the freshness of this fruit cake and new combination of flavours. Everyone will fight for the last piece and you might need another cake delivery to get this cake again for your family.

Go for zero colouring and zero artificial with Butterfly Fruit Cake. Instead of using colorings or fondants, we use fresh fruits to garnish on top of the piped cream into a butterfly figure. Best part of this cake is you can choose your favourite fruit when you cut the cake as it has three different types of fruit decorated on top: kiwi, strawberry and mango. The perfect cake delivered that satisfies different types of fruit lovers.

If you think getting flowers is unrealistic, why not get a cake that looks like a rose bouquet? such as this Magnificent Mango Cake, with mango roses on top of this almost-too-good-to-eat vanilla cake. Not only is it insta-worthy, the fresh fruit mango cake is delightfully soft and it melts in your mouth that makes you want to have more! Best thing is this cake can be delivered within 4 Hours so definitely save you when you need a gorgeous cake last minute.

It is not easy to search for fruit cakes for delivery that are less sweet and suitable for all ages. Save your time for searching by having Naked Truth Cake 8” in your house. Thin layer of cream and layers of fruits to hold the cake together but no overwhelming sweetness. Less creamy and less sweet, the ideal fruity cake for elderly. You can order online and we do the cake delivery to your parents.

Malaysia is always summer and the first thing that comes to mind is FRUITS! Let’s embrace the summer breeze with Summer Bliss Fruit Tart 7”. Simple fruit tart that you can get for your gathering or picnic as it is light and refreshing to consume after a heavy meal. Believe it or not, taking the first bite of this will be a memory you won’t be able to erase, ‘cause it tastes too good! Get it delivered to you and enjoy this fruity tart with everyone!

Fresh fruity cake delivery with Eat Cake Today just needs a few clicks or taps. Now you don’t have to drive out to get freshly baked fruit cake as you can order online from us. We deliver fruity happiness to your doorstep! Explore more fruit cake delivery from online cake shop or bakery near me at https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/fruits-cakes

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