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Happy Father's Day!

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Father's Day Cakes

On a day where we celebrate the unconditional love of our fathers, let’s take a moment to appreciate these wise men in our lives.

In most cases, fathers are our pillars of strength. They are always endlessly working to provide for us and will never ask for anything in return. They just want us to be well.

Although we should show our fathers how much we love them everyday, why not take Father’s day as an extra special opportunity to shower him with love!

What’s a better way of expressing our love for our super heroes than to ensure they are fed delicious cakes?


MY ATM - Super Dad (RM95)
For the dads who have given us the best in everything; from shelter, food, clothes, money right up to education, you just name it! It’s the responsibility and commitment that he shows us makes him the real hero. -- BUY NOW

My Bodyguard

MY BODYGUARD - #1 Dad (RM80)
For dads who are overprotective towards their kids. We can count on you anytime because no matter what happens we know you’re always going to have our back. You are the reason behind our confidence. Love you! -- BUY NOW

My Buddy

MY BUDDY - Root Beer Dad (RM95)
To all the cool dads who are simply amazing. We love you for so many reasons, but the one that stands out the most is because you’ve always believe in us. Cheers to the best dad & buddy in the world! -- BUY NOW

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Wasn't expecting it

I love the cake. Moist and not too sweet. But I wish I know to put it out before serving it. I put the cake in the fridge before serving, so remember to take it out about 30 mins (i think), else the cake will be a bit hard to cut


Good services .The delivery man will reconfirm again by phone whether is delivery to correct location

Awesome cake

Choc Caramel is my family favorite. My husband n kid love it. Can finish the cake within 2 days for just the 3 of us.

D24 Durian Mille Crepe 8"

Size shrunken

I bought this cake last year and I remember it to be bigger and taller. The black bday deco paled the beauty of the cake. It should be gold like in the picture. Taste wise is OK. For Rm185, I guess I expected more.