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Mom, I Love You!

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Everyone has a different language of love but “Have you eaten?” is what most Malaysian moms will ask their children on a daily basis. It is how they express their love for us.    

Taking inspiration from our moms, we have figured out how to help you express “I Love You” to the most important woman in your life!

Get her a cake that suits her to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Although all mothers have one thing in common, which is their unconditional love for their children, we understand that mothers are individuals as well with different personalities.

So we have categorized our Mother’s Day Collection to 4 types for the different moms out there. 

  1. The Rustic Healthy Mom

If your mom's favourite pastime is ensuring that both herself and her family are leading a healthy lifestyle, then she might enjoy:


  1. The Teaholic Mom

If your mom can’t go a day without her favourite cuppa, perhaps you could surprise her with:

  • The Matcha Redbean that is made of a light matcha chiffon and homemade red bean paste,
  • The sweet floral Hojo Darjeeling or
  • The slightly richer Green Tea Envy Me which combines Japanese green tea with Tsubushian style red bean and cream cheese!

  1. The Cheerful Mom

If your mom is young-at-heart then our colourful collection might just tickle her fancy:

  • The Blue Love is a jelly cake featuring edible jelly roses and a Teddy bear;
  • The Mom’s Face includes a layer of lychee inside the jelly cake; and
  • The Cheesy Mix features 5 different flavours of cheesecakes within one cake!

    1. The Typical Malaysian Mom

    If your mom loves the good ol' Malaysian delights, then one of these will be perfect for her:

    • The Pandan Gula Melaka is all about pandan, gula melaka and coconut,
    • The Golden Durian is a no-bake, eggless frozen cheesecake that features real durian pulp; and
    • The Cendol is basically your mom's favourite Malaysian dessert in a cake!

      So don’t just get her any cake, get her a cake which speaks to her unique personality.

      We hope you will be able to pick the perfect “I love you” for your mom this coming Mother’s day and we would like to wish all moms a Happy Mother’s Day.

      Bon appetit!  

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      3255 reviews

      Great looking cake although some of the flowers fell out of place (easily fixed). The cake was not too sweet which was just right for us.


      Loved it. Just wished it had a little more frosting.


      The cake is yummy. I ordered this cake because my mum has been eat before at outside however it is hard to find again. She very surprised the taste is same as previously that she eat. It not so sweet, and the pumpkin seeds and coconuts very match with the cake. My whole family very love it. Thanks you so much.

      Awesome buttery cake

      The whole family loved this. Definite repeat order.

      lovely cake appearance but the taste may not meet your expectations

      To be honest, the cake did looks good. But the taste was quite of expectation, especially we couldn’t really taste the salted caramel. And the popcorn is just garnishment and not adding any taste or should say, we didn’t taste any popcorn flavour at all. The popcorn which acts as garnishment is quite useless as it was soggy.

      Good website, nice and variety of cake flavour options. But I won’t buy again because of the cake didn’t impress me. Thanks for your service.