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Best Strawberry Shortcake Online Delivery KL/PJ

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Strawberry shortcake is truly the perfect strawberry flavoured dessert that will bless your taste with the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Eat Cake Today has all the best strawberry shortcakes that are available for online cake delivery in KL/PJ Selangor. Have a look at how extraordinary these strawberry shortcakes are that you shouldn’t miss out!

Hearty Strawberry Shortcake 7”

Express your feelings for your loved one with our strawberry heart shaped cake, that symbolizes intense love and passion. Light spongy cake generously topped with juicy strawberry slices, also layered with fresh cream and strawberry slices in it. Refreshing less sweet cake suitable for all ages.

Very Berry Strawberry Shortcake 4”

A scrumptious butter cake filled with strawberry jam and fresh strawberries. When paired with the tartness of the strawberries, every bite is balanced perfectly. The elegant yet simple design with macarons on top of the cake makes the perfect birthday cake for her. What makes it even better is it is available for 4 Hours delivery!

Chitose Strawberry Shortcake 6”

A premium strawberry shortcake made by award-winning pastry chef. Inspired by the way the Japanese do it best! Freshly made and the strawberries that made it to each cake are quality checked by the chefs. Light, creamy and fluffy, make sure you order enough as it is oh-so-delicious that everyone will fight for the last piece.

Strawberry Shortcake 8”

Strawberry shortcake with extra creaminess, unique twists to the classic. A rich strawberry cream cheese mousse with buttery Sable Breton layers. The cake’s rich sweetness was beautifully balanced with the strawberry flavour and the biscuit base. The melt-in-mouth creamy textures makes it a crowd pleaser.

Start craving for strawberry shortcake? Order your cake delivery from the best online cake delivery website in KL/PJ Malaysia! Check out these strawberry shortcakes and shop now: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/search?type=product&q=strawberry+shortcake

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