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Less Sweet Healthy Chiffon Cake For Online Cake Delivery KL/PJ

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

When it comes to Chiffon Cake, the cake we always see in the supermarket is the first comes to our mind. Besides, chiffon cake is popular because of its soft, fluffy and moist cake texture. Let’s take chiffon cake tasting to a new level with more texture in it. Here we have a list of less sweet healthy chiffon cakes ready for you to bring home. 

Fluffy chiffon cake layer with light cream frosting, generously loaded with strawberries inside and out. The outer layer cream might look heavy but the cream is light and balances well with a thin layer of homemade strawberry jam. You can definitely get this for your grandparent’s birthday or your kids!

Matcha lovers are gonna go crazy over these! Made with Premium Kyoto Japan Uji Matcha Powder for your ultimate matcha experience. Chiffon cake with very strong Matcha flavoured custard cream and a variety of toppings that can be chosen. Light and fluffy which makes it the best serve for an afternoon tea.

Let’s go sama-sama local with this excellent east meets west fusion of pandan gula melaka cake. Topped with gula Melaka caramel, hand piped gula Melaka and pandan flavoured buttercream and sprinkled fresh coconut flakes - just the right amount to enhance the flavour and texture to the cake. Eat Cake Today is definitely the most awesome place with local taste!

Unique fruity floral flavour you should give it a try. A simple pinky design cake topped with rose petals on top. It's not greasy, not overwhelming and in fact the mild rosy, susu bandung smell and thin layer of lychee cream and pieces blend perfectly. Surprise the birthday girl with this pink chiffon cake today as it’s available for 4 Hours delivery!

Another same-same local cake, join the durian season hype by ordering one home! Moist, soft chiffon cake with an extra thick, extra kaw durian flesh layered between. Made from scratch premium ingredients, no artificial flavouring or preservatives. With the simple aesthetic design, it makes the chiffon cake more lovely, the perfect birthday cake delivery for durian lovers!

This is not the end of the chiffon cake list! Eat Cake Today has a huge variety of chiffon cake collections that can satisfy everyone. Check out our chiffon cake collection available for online cake delivery KL/PJ at https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/chiffon-cakes-collection

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