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Online Best Burnt Cheesecake Recipe To Try From Cake Delivery KL Malaysia

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Say cheese! It’s another cheesy goodness you shouldn’t miss out. Burnt Cheesecake has been trending ever since the beginning of MCO. Join the trend by ordering one and get it delivered home. Too many options to choose? Stay with us and we list down the best seller burnt cheesecake recipe that you must try from Eat Cake Today!

Let’s introduce the best first, this Burnt Cheesecake has more than 350 good reviews from our customers. Burnt from the outside but soft, gooey from the inside. Light and creamy, not too overwhelming original burnt cheesecake that you can want for more! I will say that you have not eaten burnt cheesecake if you haven’t tried this burnt cheesecake.

Original Burnt Cheesecake is too odd? Grab this rich Chocolate Burnt Cheesecake features a beautifully brûléed top with a lingering smoothness between bites of burnt crust and a chocolatey center. Affordable price with the greatest taste ever, premium Belgian Chocolate infused bottom layer giving you a hint of bittersweet taste, YUMMS~

Let’s localise this Spanish dessert with our famous Malaysian Flavour, Gula Melaka Burnt Cheesecake 8”. You never know how gula melaka and cream cheese makes a unique innovation of flavour till you try this. A caramelised cheesecake with soft creamy filling combined with decadent gula melaka flavours to soothe your cravings.

Tea-infused burnt cheesecake, shout out to all matcha lovers! Matcha Burnt Cheesecake 9” made with premium cream cheese and premium japanese matcha powder. It is not sweet and tastes fresh and satisfying. Creamy texture with slight bitter taste from the matcha flavour, perfect burnt cheesecake delivery KL as tea time dessert.

On a keto diet but craving for something cheesy? An undeniable slice of smooth creamy goodness awaits you that you won’t break your diet: KETO Burnt Cheesecake aka LOW CARBS 9”. Original cheesecake which is not too sweet, featuring a smooth and creamy interior with a burnt flavourful outside. 

Reward yourself and satisfy any cheesecake cravings with these awesome all time favourites that everyone can appreciate. Check out our online burnt cheesecake collection delivery in KL/PJ Malaysia for more delicious burnt cheesecakes recipe available for delivery as fast as 4 Hours Same Day Delivery: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/burnt-cheesecake

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