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The Most Beloved Fruit Cakes Products, According to Reviewers

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Fruit Cake, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely the traditional fruit cake that you usually eat during Christmas. Other than that, fruit cakes can be fresh and spongy too! Take a look at this juicy list of most beloved fresh fruit cakes according to our customers from Eat Cake Today. You will regret it if you leave this page as these fruit cakes are oh-so-delicious!

Let’s pick 5 out from our fruit cake delivery collection. Lemon Poppyseed Cake, moist tangy lemon cake with a little crunchiness from the poppy seeds and the beautiful rosy smell from dried roses petal sprinkle.. This cake is suitable for elderly or anyone who prefers less sweet healthy cakes with the right amount of sweetness from the cake itself.

Refresh your taste buds with this silky, mango rose decorated creamy cheesecake. Everyone loves this tropical fruit so why not match them together to make an undeniable combination that you simply can’t refuse? This Mango Cheesecake 6” is no baked eggless cheesecake and it is also refreshing, less sweet too. You can even add on balloons and surprise your loved ones.

It’s durian season now and you should never miss out on any of the durian fruit cakes from our online fruit cake delivery website, especially Musang King Durian Mille Crepe Cake 8”. Every layer is generously spread with fresh durian cream and you can even taste the custard-like flesh in every bite. This will be local’s new favourite Malaysian Flavour fruit cake!

Talking about fruit cake, Strawberry Chiffon Cake needs to be on the list. It is loaded with strawberries inside and out. Soft and fluffy chiffon cake layer with light cream frosting and layers of homemade strawberry jam with chewy strawberry in every bite which bring out the natural and moderate sweetness.

Lastly, Fruity Trifle Cake 6 needs to be shared to all readers because of its interesting design. An insta worthy cake in a giant wine cup. Layers of assorted fruits, cake cube and soft vanilla mousse, topped with coconut crumble and fresh strawberries. You can have it all by yourself, hugging this huge cup and scooping your delicious cake on a movie night.

Fruit cakes — the best birthday cake option ever for anyone. If you need ideas for happy birthday cakes, then choosing fruit cake will never go wrong. Our fruit cakes are freshly baked with fresh fruits, no preservatives and artificial. Browse more fruit cake collection and order cake online now: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/fruits-cakes

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