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Top 5 Best Selling Rainbow Cakes Online

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

It’s a Rainbow of Treats! Rainbow is a colour of joy and fun, so having a rainbow cake at home makes any occasion more cheerful and meaningful. Celebrate with Eat Cake Today with our rainbow cake and if you’re not sure which one to get, stay with us and check out the colourful list of TOP 5 Rainbow Cakes Online.

Let’s start with something refreshing, Rainbow Unicorn Jelly Cake. Our baker merges the magical pet that every girl would like to own and the most dreamy colour together. Chewy and jiggly texture, a pandan coconut flavoured less sweet jelly cake that is suitable for any age. Best served on a hot day to beat the heat.

This Rainbow Splash Cake 4” here is a party all by itself! No shortage of sprinkles decorating the dessert. The true centrepiece of this cake is the fun balloon topper with the pastel rainbow colour coated around the moist butter cake with 4 signature flavours to choose as the cake base.

Rainbow Vanilla Mille Crepe Cake 8” need to be appreciated as it is a plenty of hard work to do the pastel colour crepes layered with fresh cream. Every mouthful of creaminess makes you want to have more! A simple design crepe cake that is perfect for your high tea session with your loved ones and goes well with a cup of tea!

This Rainbow Cake might not look like what it is named. A fluffy vanilla rainbow sponge cake decorated with love-shaped marshmallows and sprinkles. Slice it to reveal the colourful surprise in it, the rainbow layered sponge cake will amaze everyone during the celebration. Totally a crowd pleaser with the melt-in-mouth creamy spongy texture.

And finally… our TOP 1, Rainbow Ruffle Cake, a cake that is colourful inside out. Layered pastel colour French Chantilly cream with moist, soft and spongy vanilla cake that's sure to brighten up someone's rainy day! Although the creams coated might be visually heavy, it absolutely tastes light and not too sweet. The perfect last minute same day birthday cake delivery within 4 Hours.

Let these beauties connect you and your loved ones by ordering rainbow cake delivery. We have more rainbow cakes other than from this list! Browse our rainbow cake collection and get one cake for happy birthday delivery today from Eat Cake Today: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/rainbow-cakes

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