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Let’s Admit It: Everyone Secretly Loves Designer Cakes

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

No denial, designer cakes are one of the cakes most loved by all of us. Designer cakes are popular due to their outstanding design, and of course, it definitely tastes wonderfully good. Need ideas for your next birthday cake delivery? Here comes a mouth-watering list of Designer Cakes that you can get for your loved ones as happy birthday cake!

Under the sea there are mermaid friends for you and me! The little ones (or maybe your mermaid enthusiast friends) will fall in love with this Mermaid Tails Cake! Take a dip and have fun with the edible mermaids in a wondrous seascape~ You can even customise the name on the cake with 10 signature flavours to choose as cake base!

Simplicity is another definition of beauty. Designer cakes don't have to be complicated, it could be a simple design Korean cake like this Pinko Korean Cake 6”. A pink coloured cream coated with white piped cream and colorful sprinkles on top. Delicious, light, fresh and with the right amount of sweetness, perfect for the happy birthday girl!

We don’t describe designer cakes for him as elegant but this Money Theme Cake 4” surely catches everyone’s attention. A moist and creamy butter cake with 4 classic cake flavors to choose as cake base. Men will love this classy design cake for their birthday and wish them all the best in their career.

Ah Gong and Ah Ma deserve designer cakes too! Have a look at this Longevity Peach Jelly Cake 4”. We know the elderly don't particularly love overly sweet, dense desserts, so this light coconut flavoured jelly cake is the perfect kind of dessert for her. Very colourful and refreshing, less sweet cake suitable for all ages!

Ordering Chocolate Monogram Cake is always the right choice no matter if it's for a birthday celebration or even anniversary. You can choose from A-Z or any number you want. Besides, this monogram cake is decorated beautifully with macarons, rose petals and chocolate bars. A Chocolate cake that is perfect for anyone and any occasion!

Our designer cakes are too beautiful to be eaten and these designer cakes deserve the stage during any celebration. Make your celebration more memorable by getting your cake designated for your celebration. Browse our designer cake collection today and order cake online now: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/designer-cakes

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