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ALERT! New Cakes Arrival To Fix Your Craving!

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

New month, new love. Eat Cake Today has more new cakes and new tastes that guarantee your craving fixed! Let's have a look at it right now!

  • Blooming In The Sunshine Korean Cake 6”
  • Fresh blueberry fruit cake made with light and fluffy chocolate sponge cake then, layered with special blueberry filling mousse that will melt in your mouth! It tastes good and nice too!

  • Best Dad Cake 6”
  • Father’s Day is coming soon! This cutesy miniature represents all of the fathers that deserve trophy and love. It comes in a variety of premium flavours to choose from. Get one for your Best Dad!


  • Dad’s Chocolate Mint Naked Cake

    A rich and fluffy chocolate sponge cake layered with refreshing and cool peppermint cream then topped with lots of chocolate, cookie and berries. Overall, a classic flavour of Chocolate Mint and less sweet cake. 

  • Oreo Cheesecake 6”
  • The ultimate love for Oreo lovers! Oreo cookies imported from the US are then paired with smooth and rich cream cheese that is velvety and crunchy at the same time as there are lots of Oreo crumbles!

  • Onde Onde Cake 6”
  • Malaysians’ all time favourite! You can’t deny this local delight of Onde Onde flavour cake! It is an extra large onde onde with loads of coconut flakes and soft and creamy pandan cake combined with aromatic gula melaka.

  • Niko Neko Matchamisu Cake 6”
  • Attention, Matcha Fans! We present to you the combination of Niko Neko Matcha and Tiramisu that will guarantee the smoothest blend of texture and flavour. Freshly made with premium mascarpone cream cheese and Niko Neko Matcha powder. 

  • Rum Cherry Blackforest Cake
  • “Entering Non Halal Zone” Fresh cherry soaked with Rum liquor and layering with 70% chocolate mousse, chocolate moist sponge and Rum liquor syrup. Be aware of the addiction as one slice is not enough! 

  • Assorted Swiss Roll Cakes
  • These swiss roll cakes filled with milky fresh cream are soft, tender, melt in your mouth and most importantly not too sweet. Try it and you may never go back to a normal roll cake again!

  • Nasi Lemak Cake 7” 
  • Malaysia’s national dish, Nasi Lemak... Cake? Yes! It is a nasi lemak in a cake form and served with freshly made sambal and ayam rendang or daging dendeng, quail eggs, cucumber and rolled omelette. Thinking of something new for celebration? It’s perfect for any occasion!

  • Norwegian Salmon Sushi Cake
  • Not your ordinary cake but an extraordinary sushi cake! Freshly made upon order with the most fresh and premium Norwegian Salmon and Sakura Denbu with Chuka Wakame, Ebikko, Crabstick, Japanese Cucumber and Mayonnaise make this Sushi Cake a fresh seafood taste sensation. Definitely a crowd pleaser!

    Check out our new arrival cakes and order now:  https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/new-cake-arrivals

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