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Best Selling Less Sweet Cake Collection

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Looking for something that is not too sweet? We got you! Our most popular less sweet cake collection has less sugar but more excitement! It's typically better to eat, and it's just as tasty! Enjoy these scrumptious yummies in a variety of flavours and tastes without feeling guilty.

  • Earl Grey Cake 6”
  • Tea break is essential, so is this Earl Grey Cake! Treat yourself a light and fluffy sponge cake with rich earl grey essence and flavour that will lighten your day!

  • Rose Lychee Cake 6”
  • Aromatic floral fragrance of rose and fresh and sweet lychee that will provide light and refreshing taste! Freshly made with smooth and silky frosting cream and overall a not too sweet cake.

  • Alphonso Mango Mille Crepe Cake 8”
  • Fresh Mango ganache plus soft and creamy mille crepes that will melt in your mouth! Homemade coconut jelly also plays an important role that gives extra texture to the cake which makes it irresistible!

  • Lychee Biscoff Fairy Cake
  • Fresh lychee filling paired with milky panna cotta sponge cake that is soft and fluffy. It’s so fruity and crunchy from the crumbles of Lotus Biscoff that is suitable for all ages! Sugary enough to serve as a dessert, but not too sweet like most cakes! 

  • Fresh Taro Coconut Pudding Cake 6”

    Need some elements of surprise? This taro coconut pudding cake will definitely make your day! It comes in a variety of layers which include, smooth taro paste, coconut pudding, fresh taro cream and sponge cake that is light and not too sweet to consume.

  • Musang King Durian Mille Crepe Cake 6”
  • For our durian fans out there, the almighty King of Fruit, Musang King Durian mille crepe cake is undeniable! With fresh durian pulps and paper thin crepes and creams that will provide a balanced flavour. Lovely for any occasion!

  • Carrot Walnut Cake 9”
  • Opt for a healthier choice? This moist carrot cake is just nice for you! The crunchiness of roasted walnut and smooth cream cheese frosting that will give a right balance of sweetness and texture. It is indeed a delightful treat that’s excellent for sharing!

  • Cendol Cakes
  • Are you a fan of local delight? If yes, we got you our signature Cendol Cake with layers of pandan, sago gula melaka, and fresh coconut milk mousse! The taste is perfectly balanced as you get the jelly texture and not overpowering other components!

    Enough with the talk; now is the time to get your less-sweet cakes. Let’s check out our Best Selling Less Sweet Cake Collection now!

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