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One of the Best Indulgences in Life: World Chocolate Day!

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Some prefer it black and bitter, while others prefer it smooth and sweet. Yes, it’s the savoury chocolate! It is an unmistakably rich flavour that we all know and love and hard to hate! Enjoy this day with your favourite chocolate treat without any guilt.

Chocolate Ganache Cheesecake 6"

You can’t go wrong with this perfect combination of chocolate and cheesecake as their creaminess and richness will melt in your mouth! It just blends so well that one slice is not enough! 

Richy Double Chocolate Cheesecake 6"

Double the chocolate, double the flavour! Enjoy this ultimate rich dark chocolate cheesecake that gives you full satisfaction and sweetness!

 Assorted Brownies 8"

This irresistible brownie will definitely impress you with its moist and gooey texture! Freshly made with premium chocolate to provide the richest and creamiest taste.

Mocha Chocolate Cake 6"

Treat yourself a balanced flavour of bitterness and sweetness of this Mocha Chocolate Cake. It has such a fragrance that you will utterly fall in love with!

Rocher Royaltine Cake 8"

Craving for the smoothest chocolate mousse? This Royaltine Cake is perfect for you! Made from high quality dark chocolate and crunchy hazelnut praline that will give you more texture and flavour!

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Attention, Chocolate Lovers! Get yourself a magnificent chocolate mousse cake that provides a velvety mouthfeel and sweet and decadent chocolate cream flavour.

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