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6 Inch Cake Delivery Just Enough For All!

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An all time headache during any occasion or party is either the size of the cake too small or too big that is unable to finish it all. 6” inch cake is the perfect solution ever as it is not too big or too small. Meanwhile Eat Cake Today has a huge variety of 6 inch cakes perfect for any celebration. Let’s have a look at what cakes they have!

Hojicha Cake 6”

Are you a big fan of Japanese Green Tea? May this roasted green tea flavoured cake be your new love. Moist cake is layered with hojicha ganache and covered with light cream, not too heavy with slight bitterness from the green tea taste. If you’re not a sweet tooth then you can consider getting this 6 inch cake delivery.

Chantilly Melon Cake 6”

Slice the melon and reveal the beautiful surprise layer or you can just scoop it up and enjoy it. A melon filled with layers of fluffy vanilla sponge cake loaded with juicy assorted fruits and fresh pastry cream. Send any melon lover or fruit cake lover with this unique melon cake that will grab everyone’s attention!

Guinness Bavarois Cake

Why do you need to get bottles of Guinness when you can enjoy it in the form of a cake? A cake for all alcoholic cake fans. Guinness alcohol bavarois mousse cake with perfect balance of semi sweet and bitter, light coffee aroma makes everything just right. Extra texture from the shredded chocolate around the cake. DELICIOUSSS~

Lemon Curd Cake 6”

Sweet buttery moist lemon cake with zesty curd filling for that lovely tanginess and smooth buttercream. Not too sweet and the tangy taste of lemon really balances the sweetness of the cake. Size is perfect for a small celebration at home and some extra slices for late night binging.

Carrot Pecan Cake

Savouring sweet memories, take a trip down memory lane with this traditional recipe - it’s an old favourite. Get this cake and treat your taste buds to a splendid spread of cream cheese frosting, topped with crunchy pecans and delectable dried fruits that brings a superb combination of balanced flavour in each bite.

6 inch cakes - the most perfect cake size for any occasion. Now you have no worries about being unable to finish the cake or not enough to let everyone try. For more 6 inch cakes collection, check it out here and order your 6 inch cake today: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/6-inch-cakes

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