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Simple Cake Design Online Delivery KL/PJ For Libra & Scorpio!

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Simplicity is beauty and aesthetic is the new trend. Having a Libra & Scorpio birthday coming soon? Then you can consider getting them a simple cake design for their birthday. Eat Cake Today has a huge collection of simple cake designs that even you want as your birthday cake.

Cookie Cake 7”

Do you have a Libra or Scorpio friend who loves cookies like cookie monsters? Send them this delicious cookie cake as their birthday cake, besides you get to choose different topping, different cookie cake base with two types of cake filling options. Moist and chewy, unique cake that is perfect for afternoon tea.

Soy with Almond Cake 6”

A less sweet cake with extra nuttiness in the cake. Moist, light soy flavoured cake layered with freshly homemade almond paste cake, suitable for all ages. If you’re allergic to milk or love to drink soya bean milk then this cake is definitely made for you.

Italian Tiramisu Sponge Crepe Cake 8"

Mille Crepe Cake always has the simplest design ever, Layered with freshly brewed espresso coffee sponge cake and delicate mille crepe. Each layer is infused with rich Mascarpone cream cheese and espresso coffee. Topped with fresh strawberries and cocoa powder, simple and tasty with more fluffiness and creaminess.

Berries Compote Pavlova Cake 9"

When we’re young, we always wonder how does clouds taste like? Crunchy on the outside, gooey on the side with fresh chewy fruitiness. Superb pavlova with a perfect level of sweetness, light cream and fluffy. A simple cake that represents your Libra or Scorpio friend who is always the happy pill to you. 

Vintage Style Korean Cake 5”

Korean cake is all about simple minimalist beauty. Meanwhile this cake is inspired by vintage aesthetic style, decorated with hand piped buttercream. Two signature cake base flavours for you to choose: Classic Butter cake or Dark Chocolate. Moist and creamy cake for birthdays, you will make a Libra or Scorpio to love you even more.

We have more simple cake design collection and I’m pretty sure there will be one that will be the top in your favourite cake list. Discover for more simple cake design online delivery from Eat Cake Today and order now: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/simple-design-cake-collection

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