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Your Partner Will Love You More With These Valentine’s Gifts!

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You can already smell it in the air! Smell what, you ask? The love, of course! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! This is exactly the perfect time to put on your game face and show your significant other who’s the most romantic person in the world! 

With that being said, something just struck you in the face. It just dawned upon you that you don’t really know what to get your beloved partner this Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry about a thing, because we have just what you need to make your Valentine’s extra lovely. Just feast your eyes on our list of 7 of the best designer cakes that will make your heart flutter~ 


  • 2 pieces of Valentine Petit Gâteau
  • Starting it off with a must-have! You don’t have to worry about the right aesthetics for your loved one because they come in both smart and cute designs! 

    Maybe your darling loves something more creamy and chocolatey? The velvety scrumptiousness of the Chocolate Petit Gateau will hit the spot! Or perhaps they are in love with all things pink? The Pink Love Petit Gateau is perfect with a tangy raspberry surprise within the red velvet cake~ It even comes with a cute heart balloon!


  • 8 Pieces of Be Mine Valentine's Cupcake
  • Girls simply love getting flowers on Valentine’s Day, especially roses! Everyone knows red roses are a symbol of love! 

    Up your romantic game with these cupcakes! Not only will you get beautifully piped red velvet cupcakes that resemble the petals of a flower, you’ll also be getting beautifully arranged roses, freshly picked! Now all you need are some candles and you’ll have yourself a romantic setting~ 


  • Be My Valentine's Cake 4"
  • Maybe you’re more of a traditional kind of guy who wants to give your princess a bouquet of roses the old fashion way?

    This red velvet (or chocolate) cake can fulfill just the need and more! Six roses sit atop the decadent, moist body of the neatly covered cake with a big red heart in the middle. Just put this baby on a small tray and see her blush~ 


  • My Valentine's Day Balloon Bouquet
  • Speaking of a bouquet of something, check these babies out! It may not be a delicious cake or even cute flowers, but 13 of these hi-float helium balloons will lift her mood high up into the sky, she will be gushing over how romantic you are~ Best paired with any other cakes on this list for the true Valentine’s Day experience! 


  • Hearty Valentine Cake 6"
  • Want to have a more modern touch to your proclamation of love ? This Hearty Valentine Cake is perfect! It even looks like the stained glass art of a church. Best if you want to hint that she’s the one for you forever~ Don’t forget your ring!

    This valentine’s cake comes in either soft and moist chocolate or strawberry sponge cake with a layer of fresh strawberry slices in between. White chocolate drizzle and roses decorate the outer layer of this little charmer. You can even opt for the cake to come with a preserved flower in glass, imported all the way from Japan~


  • Hearty Strawberry Shortcake 7"
  • Let’s get your love to be set in stone! Well, not physically but there’s something quite close to that. This heart-shaped cake looks like all your love, engraved in stone. How romantic~ 

    The springy goodness of soft and moist sponge cake with freshly-cut slices of strawberry decorating the top, following the heart-shaped cutout. Nothing screams “I love you” more than a big red heart! If that’s not enough, you may add-on an assortment of chocolates that come in two flavours: sea salt chocolate and hazelnut almond chocolate. 


  • I Love You 520 Foil Number Balloon 40"
  • Planning to host your own surprise for her? You can’t go wrong with some balloons! And they’re not just any balloons. They’re the I Love You 520 Foil Number Balloon! A set of balloons that will project your love in a fun little way since “520” can translate to “I love you” in Chinese~


    And that concludes our list for the best gifting ideas this Valentine’s Day. What do you think? Do you agree with our top picks? Don’t worry if you don’t, we have more in our massive collection of Valentine’s Day cakes and gifts~ All you have to do is click here and you’ll be transported to our catalogue.

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