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Here’s A New Way To Spread The Chinese New Year Cheer!

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During these uncertain times, it is best to not visit your family members, especially if the household consists of the elderly and children alike. They’re the ones who have the highest risk of contracting the virus, and therefore should be protected at all costs!

Just because we’re unable to meet the ones we love this Chinese New Year doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate and spread the holiday cheer with them! There’s a ton of different ways to interact. You could probably have a video call with the whole family~ But make sure to decorate the room to fit the Chinese New Year theme before you do! Maybe you could even send a sweet gift to them beforehand? 

We value the love you share with your family. Not even distance can falter your compassion for them! So that’s why we’ve prepared you a whole list of Chinese New Year treats to either gift to your family or for yourself!


  • Prosperity Peanut Chocolate Cake 8"
  • Starting this list off on a sweet tone with this super moist chocolate cake. And you know that one saying in Chinese; “getting sweet treats during Chinese New Year means this year will be sweet and successful”.

    Feast your eyes on this super-rich and moist yet fluffy Callebaut Chocolate cake, topped with edible Chinese gold ingots, coins, and peanuts! It even comes with a decadent box of chocolates with a surprise factor playing an exciting role in your indulgence! Talk about a sweet way to celebrate the occasion! 


  • Happy Niu Year Cake 6"
  • This “Niu” Year will be the year of the Ox and you know what that means! The year will bless us with qualities such as hard work, positivity, and honesty. And this cake is oozing with that~

    The cute little ox that sits atop the moist and soft cake is surrounded by red flowers that have fully bloomed! This is said to bring good vibes such as wealth, be it in the form of fortune, health, and the like, and also happiness! 


  • CNY Cattleya Orchids Gift Set
  • We all know Chinese New Year is associated with prosperity. No other flower resembles traits such as wealth and good fortune quite like this Yellow Cattleya! 

    Why stop with just flowers? These floral babies also come along with a bundle of other Chinese New Year goodies~ Pick either mandarin oranges, the symbol of abundance and good fortune or even a healthy Tian Di No.1 Apple Vinegar Beverage to drink the worries away. We’re just joking about the choosing part, you can include both items if you want! 


  • Chinese New Year Cookie Bundle
  • Of course, we can’t forget those scrumptious cookies when it comes to Chinese New Year! Bite-sized and full of flavour, these tiny troopers give the celebration more oomph!

    What cookies are these three jars filled with? One of them is filled with everyone’s acidic-sweet Pineapple cookies, a staple for the celebration. Can’t have “ong” without pineapple! The rest are filled with extra deep chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies. 


  • Chinese New Year Abundance Bundle Set
  • But what if you wanted to surprise your loved one with something that’s, well, surprising? The unexpected arrival is one surprise. They’ll be in for another one once they open it! 

    The moment they open the cute little box that’s tied up in a neat red ribbon, they’ll be greeted by a whole bunch of goodies on a bed of mandarin oranges! Among these is a banana loaf infused with the tangy touch of pineapples. There’s even a premixed tikoy flour to ensure maximum freshness with no preservatives. Comes with instructions. 


  • 12 pieces of Chinese New Year Cupcakes
  • Are you already tired of all those cookies and tarts you normally see on Chinese New Year? Let these cupcakes break the monotony in cute Chinese New Year designs! 

    Cute little cupped desserts, and they come in a variety of flavours of your choice including: red velvet, blueberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Feel the moist, earthy sensation dance in your mouth when you pop one of these babies into your mouth~ They also come with a box of chocolates for a sweet Chinese New Year memory! 

    And that concludes our list. Anything caught your attention? Wish to send one of these to your beloved family? As long as they reside in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, or Johor Bahru, we can deliver it in your stead! 

    Don’t worry if these treats aren’t what you were expecting. That was just the tip of the iceberg! Click here to check out the whole collection of Chinese New Year goodies!

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