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3 Reasons Why Balloons Are The BEST Celebration Decorations

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

A party or celebration is organized to capture the great and memorable of an event or occasion. Other than banners, flags and backdrops, balloons are definitely the best idea for any occasion or event set up. However, you will definitely run out of time to decorate the venue as you’re too busy doing the arrangement and preparing everything. With that being said, we have all different sets of helium balloons and balloon bouquets that are perfect for any type of celebration!

Let us tell you why our balloons are the best decoration ever for your occasion. First of all, the balloons we made are not the balloons that people normally blow and stick on the wall. The balloons made by us are hi-float helium balloons. The balloons can float for more than 24 hours. You can now take pictures easily without worrying you need to pick up the balloons. With us, there are a few types of balloons you can choose which are bubble balloons, confetti balloons, colored latex balloons, star shape balloons, heart shape balloons and foil number balloons. Also we have many colours for you to choose such as gold, blue, black, pink, silver, transparent, red, pastel and so on.
Another speciality of our balloons is you can customize your message on balloons which is one of the meaningful ways to express your thoughts, wish and blessings. Let the balloons say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Congratulations on the new born baby girl/boy, congratulations on graduation on behalf of you if you have no time to visit your loved ones or attend the celebration. Balloons are also suitable as decoration for a grand opening, soft launch and even mother’s day, father’s day or valentine’s day. Perfect for any occasion!
Last but not least, our balloons can be delivered within 2 HOURS! This makes our balloons more suitable for your event or occasion. Definitely this can solve your worries of forgetting your loved one’s birthday or any important celebration. Also you can save yourself from searching kedai balloon or party balloon shop/store near me KL, PJ Malaysia. In future, there will be more balloon options for you to choose or customize your favourite character on it such as Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Unicorns, Cars and so on. Take a look at our balloons and grab one home for your celebration from us: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/balloons

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