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Where To Get Delicious Cake? Red Strawberry Shortcakes Delivery For You

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Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels

Introducing these four strawberry shortcakes for your kind consideration, certainly all four are of highest quality. Ever ready for cake delivery around KL cum Klang Valley, Eat Cake Today is well prepared for your order of our famous strawberry shortcake delivery. Of course, we don't take our work lightly, and here you go for these nice and cute strawberry shortcakes Information, we promise that the ingredients are all well monitored to brighten your celebrative condition.

These four products of redness are:

Strawberry Shortcake 8"

Is it not seem too romantic for a big bite at the first sight? Come on, what can be more suitably soothing than a sweet taste of a strawberry shortcake from our very good cake delivery platform. This shortcake is no ordinary cake, the batter, the cream, the topping, are all designed as such to fulfill your hunger for love.

Chitose Strawberry Shortcake 6"

Chitose is a city located in Hokkaido, Japan. That's a Japanese strawberry shortcake we are looking at, and it's presented to you by award-winning pastry chefs founded Texture C3 Lab of Malaysia. You will surely find the minimalist looking design with the spongy feel a big YES fulfilling your high standard of good taste. The Chitose strawberry is why this shortcake is so unique, prepare for the wonderful surprise of a feast of beautiful cake. 

Hearty Strawberry Shortcake 7"

What is better to represent love than a heart? This hearty strawberry shortcake will convey your intense feeling through its redness and the delicious combination of toppings and batter with a just nice sweetness, the love will flow from mouth to mouth, literally. There are also two assorted chocolate flavours of sea salt chocolate and hazelnut almond chocolate for you in this deal.

Very Berry Strawberry Shortcake 4"

This elegant cake will make a shortcake a misnomer, but worry not, for the very berry strawberry naming will save the day by the excellent recipe that comes with it. Those beautiful red fruits as topping alleviate the supremacy of taste, with the spongy feel and good look.
Place your order now for the on the same day delivery in four hours for these strawberry shortcakes delivery. Visit the collection page now at:

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Pretty Carrot Walnut Cake!

First time ordering from Eat Cake today.
With the recent changes happening in life, I had forgotten about my mother's birthday until the night before. Thankfully was able to place order with Eatcaketoday and the delivery was on time. My family all enjoyed the cake, which is also aesthetically beautiful.
Will consider this website again for future ocassions


My husband and I enjoy the cake.

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Dr Vimala Govindaraju
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Beautiful & Delicious Cake!

This cake tastes special and delicious! Ordered for my grandma’s birthday, it’s not sweet, just perfect for old folks! Big thanks to MareMaris Pâtisserie for the beautifully decorated cake and prompt delivery. Everyone loves the cake. Try it and you will love it!