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Why Everyone Needs Work From Home Dessert Energizer Pack Delivery During MCO

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Since Covid is still active and MCO 3.0 has been announced, some of you still don’t get to go back to the office for work. Meanwhile for those who get to go back, there must be a huge pile of work loads that you need to catch up. After a long day of work, what you need is an Energy Booster as a motivation to continue your daily task. Eat Cake Today is here to present our top 5 desserts or party bites as a reward for all the hardworks. 

First of all, let’s kick start with the Macarons Gift Set! These macarons are the perfect afternoon tea treat as the outside is crisp but inside they're more moist and chewy. Filled with different choice of flavours: yam, blueberry, mango passion and raspberry. Just one bite, you will feel like you’re in Paris. A good way to escape from reality. With the nice beautiful packaging, it is a perfect choice to appreciate your employees.

Next will be our cookies. Especially these 2 Boxes of Cookies in Jar where you get 6 jars of cookies in a set and have cookies fest with your colleagues through Zoom! These cookies are freshly made on the delivery date itself and the ingredients used are definitely in high quality with their signature cookie doughs. Now you can enjoy the crunchy cookies while finishing all tasks.


We all know cakes are able to get everyone on hyped! Energize your staff by sending them cake slices or petit gateau to their home, especially this Caramelis Petit Gateau which they can enjoy during the zoom meeting. The cake has a lovely natural caramel taste to go with the Caramelised theme of chocolate petit gateau so it's utterly dreamy. Goes well with a cup of coffee or tea.

Besides, if you’re considering cheering up your staff and family for the long term support towards the company, might as well as consider these 36 Assorted Local Profiteroles Cream Puffs. Works perfectly as an afternoon snack or as party bites! We have 3 different authentic local Malaysian flavours which are pandan, mango and vanilla which no one could ever resist. A quick bite will pop out the cream from the fresh baked puff. The best snack to reward your staff for their hard work.

Last but not least, always be celebrating during their birthday. Since you can’t have celebrations in office, let just be your one stop solution and send your birthday wishes to your staff on behalf of the company. Send the all-time favourite Pandan Gula Melaka Cake in a not so traditional way! Moist Pandan flavoured butter cake topped with the aromatic gula melaka sauce and a sprinkle of coconut zests.

Cheer up and motivate each other by sending them a delightful Work From Home Energizer Pack. A small token goes a long way in maintaining competitiveness and efficiency. If not anyone else, order an exciting goodie box for yourself & drive away those WFH blues! Find out for more cakes for corporate from the link below: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/cake-delivery-for-corporate-and-events-kl-malaysia

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