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Colour of Tasty Rainbow Cakes Deliver To You During MCO

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"Triumphal arch, that fill’st the sky when storms prepare to part", while you think of colourful rainbow bridging the horizon, consider too it's our perception of the white spreading its constituents by the mysterious Nature. Meanwhile, Eat Cake Today presents you with various cheerful schemes of sight and taste. Certainly it will take some imaginations and great effort to bake these dreamy rainbow cake design. While the rainbow cake delivery will be in time for your important event, we are making sure that its fluffiness, its delicate layers will brighten the event even better to Higher level. We have some rainbow cakes that can fulfill your appetite in children loving occasion on the rainbow birthday cake idea, as well as adult craving sweetness in the hard earned life celebration parties. Take note of the mythical rainbow unicorn cake that we put extra bakers' workmanship into good use. We are giving you the best of rainbow cake Malaysia for your consideration. These varieties of rainbow cakes will surely make your day!

Here go our 6 products of rainbow theme cake for your choice:

Rainbow Ruffle Cake

This rainbow ruffle cake comes with French Chantilly cream and has a nice vanilla taste. The moistness and softness coupled with the rainbow colour outer and inner layers will bring you into a wonderful world of fantasy. 

Rainbow Cake

Heart shape deco from the top of the creamy portion maybe love telling at first sight, and while you cut open to reveal its core that resembled our complex looking world with its layers, be pleasantly surprised of its taste of magical cake. 

Rainbow Splash Cake 4"

You can choose among these favours: Buttercake, Chocolate, Nutella or Salted Caramel. And the balloons will add a taller feel to the splash cake too. It will definitely brighten a birthday party, or any other happy occasion. 

Rainbow Unicorn Jelly Cake

To design the unicorn to the cute looking cake is no mean feat. You must be careful with its delicateness though for this pandan jelly cake will be extra fragile to handle. Be sure to enjoy the colour scheme and its odd shape that resembled a fairy tale. Good for anyone with a wonderful imagination. 

Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Hidden beneath the unicorn looking cream layer, are layers of rainbow colour. Be amazed of the moist and soft taste, you can enjoy the sheer happiness of a magical looking cake such as this rainbow unicorn cake. 

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Cake

Kek pelangi! Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, and the dreams are the good taste of this cake. A bridged twin cake connected by the baker's wonderful skill and recipe. Remember to touch the nice feeling of having the wonderful taste of this cake. 

The promised rainbow cake delivery will always be in the advertised time frame. Be sure to pay a visit to our collection page link: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/rainbow-cakes

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