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Where to get Exclusive Raya Gift Or Hamper Delivery?

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Hari Raya is less than two weeks! Still on a search for the best hari raya hamper? Keep reading this as Eat Cake Today gathers all the best Raya gift ideas from different bakers! Jom lihat what Eat Cake Today offers this time for Raya gifting!

Raya cookies are the most usual raya sweet treats we will never stop eating. Our Raya Cookies Set is a special mouth-watering assorted cookies that are totally perfect for everybody. Made using halal ingredients, these delectable crunchy cookies are infused with the best quality ingredients to give you that quality taste!

Other than raya cookies, we’re pretty sure there will be raya cupcakes as it is easy to share which saves you from all the mess. Something sweet to your Raya gatherings with Gembira Hari Raya Cupcakes. Special handmade raya cupcake designs with 10 signature flavours to choose from. Perfect for gifting! Good for all ages, even your kids will fight for the last pieces.

Besides, if you’re searching for any simple unique hadiah raya or raya gift ideas, do consider this Hari Raya Gift Box! Combination of 3 sweet treats to make sure Hari Gembira Raya to you and your loved one! Kurma Walnut Brownie special make for this celebration. Madeleine cakes using two of our local favourite flavours, Gula Melaka and Chocolate Hazelnut! And the last is our nice green macarons to make sure Raya good vibes good Joy!

Good news durian lovers! Kuih Raya Musang King just in time for the perfect dessert this Ramadhan/Raya. Perfect for sharing with family and friends during this Hari Raya! You can get a FREE cooler bag worth of RM15.90 and 4 pieces of chewy Mango Passionfruit Mochi! With this nice packaging, it is a perfect gift to send during this festive season!

If you think these gift sets are not big enough, let’s go big, go exclusive with Raya Exclusive Bundle Set! This set consists of 1 loaf of Pandan Coconut Bnana Loaf, 1 jar of 500ml toasted premium nuts (brazilian nuts, apricot seed, walnut & pistachio). Also you can get 4 cute little baos with different flavours (Pandan milky, red bean, custard lava, pandan Custard) and freshly pounded spicy sambal belacan! A huge hamper set that is perfect to be sent as a gift to your friends, colleagues, neighbours and even your boss!

Hari Raya is a great time to gather everyone and definitely you need nice cakes to eat. Instead of the usual hampers, you can get these glorious cakes that are suitable for celebrating with your staff or send as a Ramadan gift. Features Malaysians’ all time favourite flavour cake, Nostalgic Raya Cake 6” covered with simple decorations to light up the spirit of Eid.

Sending sweet treats is too odd or have no idea what kind of desserts to send, then you can send hari raya flowers like this beautiful Dendrobium Orchids that have multiple blooms per stem. The dendrobium orchids are easy to grow, they are also called the beginner's orchids. Water them well and let them dry a bit between watering, these plants will reward you with lovely blooms. Comes with 1 box of Kurma Dates and you may add ons healthy beverages or a hot air balloon chocolate box. This stunning gift set would be a good gift for Raya festive as a gift-giving.

On top of that, we’re doing Raya promotion where you can get FREE 1 box of premium chocolate on selected sweet treats! Best thing ever is you can just order online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Raya gifting delivery just a few clicks away. Want to see more? Check out our Raya Special Collection at: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/raya-special-collections

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