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The Burnt Creamy Taste That Is No Longer A Mistake

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Rather see it as a mistake, why not see it as a new recipe? With its dark and crusty top, the Burnt Cheesecake is baked intentionally at high temperature, unlike the traditional cheesecake with cookie crust. It is more creamy and lighter compared to the traditional cheesecakes. Eat Cake Today sells you ten different flavours of Burnt Cheesecakes that will change everything you thought you knew about the traditional cheesecake and cheese tarts.

  1. Classic Burnt Cheesecake
    Burnt Cheesecake - Cheesecakes - Ennoble - - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia
    The Classic Burnt Cheesecake, totally Heaven! Dark exterior full of bittersweet notes that gives the interior, mellow cheesecake taste even richer and more flavourful. Every bite of it lets the creaminess and richness of the Burnt Cheesecake linger in your mouth. 

  2. Kampung Burnt Cheesecake 
    Kampung Burnt Cheesecake - Mille Crepe - Cake Tella - - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia
    Have you eaten cheese cakes made with kampung egg? If not, try this Kampung Burnt Cheesecake. It is the taste of true love. With its pillowy texture and vanilla aroma in the cake brings out the true sweetness of the cake like the cotton candy and melts in your mouth instantly without you chewing it. Definitely must try this cake with your favourite drink!

  3. KETO Burnt Cheesecake
    KETO Burnt Cheesecake aka LOW CARB - Cheesecakes - Cake Tella - - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia
    You’re on a low carb diet but craving for cheesecakes? KETO Burnt Cheesecake is here to wave you a Hi with its nutritional recipe. The absence of sugar did not affect the texture of the cake and it’s still smooth and tastes like the usual Burnt Cheesecake. So it’s not a cheat day when you can have a healthy cake which is sugar-free. You can absolutely finish it with no guilt!

  4. Matcha Burnt Cheesecake
    Matcha Burnt Cheesecake 9" - Cheesecakes - Ennoble - - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia
    For Matcha lovers, there must be no hesitation for getting Matcha Burnt Cheesecake. It is made with Niko-Neko Matcha that lifts up the premium taste of Matcha Burnt Cheesecake. The sweetness of the Matcha Burnt Cheesecake is not overpowering and you still can taste the earthy flavour of Matcha. 

  5. Chocolate Burnt Cheesecake
    Chocolate Burnt Cheesecake 9" - Cheesecakes - Ennoble - - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia
    No one can resist the Chocolate Burnt Cheesecake. The silky and rich chocolate cream makes the best match for this Burnt Cheesecake. The toasty top and the luxurious Bitter Dark Chocolate Couverture intensifies the taste of the Burnt Cheesecake. Every mouthful of the cake makes you fall even deeper for it. 

  6. Blueberry Burnt Cheesecake
    Blueberry Burnt Cheesecake 9" - Cheesecakes - Ennoble - - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia
    You will never deny a gorgeous cheesecake with the sweetness of the blueberries. The fluffiness of the cake and the juicy berries give you a satisfying bite. It has the freshness of the blueberries lathered in the creamy goodness. Every bite with the blueberries chunks lifts up the taste of the Burnt Cheesecake. The perfect cake for your high tea!

  7. Orange Burnt Cheesecake
    Orange Burnt Cheesecake 9" - Cheesecake - Cake Tella - - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia
    Searching for something fresh and creamy or you want something different? Try out the Orange Burnt Cheesecake. The cake is refreshing and has a strong orange aroma as it is made out of freshly juiced orange. Be ready to embrace the breeze of tropics by getting the Orange Burnt Cheesecake.

  8. Salted Egg Burnt Cheesecake
    Salted Egg Burnt Cheesecake 9" - Cheesecakes - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia
    If you love to eat salted egg, then you must be a big fan of this Salted Egg Burnt Cheesecake. The opposing flavour and texture makes a great combination just like your favourite butter chicken. The salted egg yolk chunks with the cream cheese sinks in your mouth gives you the taste of sweet and savoury.

  9. Cempedak Burnt Cheesecake
    Cempedak Burnt Cheesecake 9" - Cheesecakes - Le Bons 9 - - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia
    Nothing goes wrong if you want to grab Cempedak Burnt Cheesecake as a quick snack. It gives you a good kick on your taste bud. It is not overly sweet but rich because of the cream cheese and cempedak pulp. The cempedak fibre inside mixed with the cream cheese and the dark crusty top gives an additional flavour dimension like cempedak goreng.

  10. Oh MAMA! Burnt Cheesecake
    Oh MAMA! Burnt Cheesecake - Cheesecakes - MareMaris Patisserie - - Eat Cake Today - Birthday Cake Delivery - KL/PJ/Malaysia
    It’s time to party with our Oh MAMA! Burnt Cheesecake. It is a classic burnt cheesecake that is beautifully decorated with strawberries and whipping cream. Not only is it eye-catching but it’s also mouth-watering. The slight bitter caramelised top and its oozy center balance the sweetness of the cake with the slight sourness of the strawberries. Let the velvety Oh MAMA! Burnt Cheesecake takes you on a memory trip back to your childhood.
The Burnt Cheesecakes may look like a mistake but it is a perfect flavour combination that makes you feel great. Check out our burnt cheesecakes and share this burnt flavour happiness with your beloved ones:

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beautiful and on time delivery

beautiful and on time delivery

The cake tastes really good!

Popcorns on top were great too!

Delivery good. Cake delicious.


Bites size is easy to eat compared to cake size, have to cut and all. The bite just melts in your mouth. I like it and no complain from others I offered it to. However please add more kelapa.

Super delicious!

My family and I loved this cake. It’s moist, full of flavour with surprise salted caramel sauce in the middle layer. The size is also just perfect for us family of 4. Thank you ❤️